Is There Anyway To Pause Reviews?

This has been asked twice but with no real answer. Is there anyway, we can press a big fat pause button? I’m pretty bored shitless now learning vocab words only. I’m on Level 14. I’d like to step away and learn some Japanese sentences (from other sources) and then come back and learn more kanji readings later. I just don’t have the time to learn vocab words, then learn grammar, then practice kamesame etc… I’m 47, I have a life outside of Japanese (and no that doesn’t mean I care less). If I could press pause, go off and study OTHER aspects of Japanese (like mine sentences from Hibana Spark, which I watched last night - great show - watch it on Netflix) then it would keep me INTERESTED in Japanese. At the moment, I’m becoming bored fucking shitless with just learning vocab words. This is NOT WKs fault. WK is awesome and is brilliant. I just need a break from it (not a break from Japanese). As AJATT says…“As long as you do SOMETHING in Japanese then it’s ok”. So, having the option to press a big fat pause button would be awesome. If it’s there, then link me. Now, in true Hibana Spark, I’m gonna have a beer and listen to 60s music. P.S. I love WK so don’t take this as me slagging it - cos that’s not true!

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There’s a vacation mode which freezes your reviews. You can access it in the settings


You beauty!


I agree! 


I was thinking about doing something similar, like taking a break after every ten, fifteen levels to have more tije to actually use those kanji and vocab. i will probably just stop doing any mew lessons for a about a month or so and just continue doing reviews. This way I won’t mess up the SRS.
I have already reset from 25, and I feel an urge to level up quickly. But that would increase my workload to much, leaving no time for Japanese outside WK. I’m looking forward to taking a break from lessons!
Anyways, enjoy any Japanese that comes your way!

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