Cancel Vacation mode, Where are my reviews?

Almost 24 hours ago turned off vacation mode (two days break).
First time I tried it.Almost 24 hours, no reviews yet, Why?
Feeling depressed…a need to awaken the crabigator.



Do you have a next review time?


Did you happen to do reviews during your vacation? I looked into your account it looks like 36 items had reviews done during your vacation. I have corrected the timings. You should see 30 in your review now. You have a bunch coming up in the next 24 hours as well.

There is a third-party mobile app out there that is allowing reviews to be done while the user is on vacation. A part of this is our fault for not having this permission check on our API. We have a fix written up and it’ll be live soon. Only the 36 items were affected by this. All your other items timings are set correctly.

The scope of this issue is very small (less than a hundred people affected). Unfortunately you were part of this group :frowning:

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Wow I’m not the OP but that was a very quick and effective reply (and workflow correction/fix in the background).

After your fix, none of the third party apps will be able to bypass the vacation mode then?


Correct. And here is a post about this issue.


Just wanted to add that my app doesn’t allow this anymore. When I found out this was happening I put out a fix as soon as possible, and the app will no longer offer lessons or reviews to users with vacation mode enabled. I do apologize for the inconvenience I inadvertently caused with this.


It’s all your fault. :open_mouth:


Ahh. Thanks for patching it.

No apology required. It helped us since it highlighted a problem we did not anticipate.


No problem. This was an incident that brought together two issues in different places, but in general I want to be “a good API citizen” rather than cause headaches or bad feels. If something happens to go south with my app again, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.


Thanks Viet,

I do have 30 reviews now.


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