I can’t go to Level 4, Help

I’m on Level 3 and have completed the Kanji and Radical preogression but for some reason it won’t let me go to Level 4 or get new Lessons. This is most probably a bug and I’d appreciate it if it could be fixed so I could continue learning Kanji on this website.

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I believe the first three levels are free, and the fourth onwards requires you to pay. If you haven’t paid, that’s probably why you can’t continue.


I’m afraid you have to start paying if you want to continue at this point!

You should have had an email explaining the options to you, but I think you can also go to the following page to see the various subscription options:


As others have said, only the first 3 levels are free. The system recognizes that you’re level 4 (as you completed level 3), but it won’t let you access paid content. However, if you’re able to to afford it, I advise you to go for it. Wanikani is a great product. E se te serve de algo, eu também sou Português e adorei o produto! :wink:


Hmm, just realised my link auto redirects to the login page. If you navigate to wanikani/account/subscription you should be able to see. Otherwise, just click on the menu in the top-right of WaniKani (not in these forums!) and select ‘subscription’.

$9 a month, $90 a year, or $300 forever iirc

Probably important to know that there has historically always been a Christmas sale where lifetime is discounted to $200, but there’s no guarantee it will happen this year.

Still, given that it’s October, I probably would buy monthly or yearly and wait to see, if you would consider lifetime anyway.

I was offered a 50% coupon on annual suscription in January. Pretty much is the reason i’m here

I guess that there are usually sales on Dec-Jan, so i’ll go with Radish advice buying a monthly suscription

To be fair, WaniKani is pretty upfront that they’re a subscription model.
Impressive to find where to report issues on the forums, but not the basic foundation of the main site…


Sorry about that

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