After a long break

Hello all
I have had a 6 month break after reaching level 16.
i have > 1100 reviews
What is my best approach at this time?


As my dad likes to say: “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” - do sets of 50 twice or three times a day or so (more if you feel up to it) without doing new lessons and you should be done within two weeks factoring in added reviews


Welcome back @missyoff san :wave:

Take your time and proceed slowly. I second vspree san’s recommendation.

Good luck on your climb :crossed_fingers:


I would normally do time-limited sets, so 30 minutes or 1 hour, 2-3 times per day. In my experience, time limiting does wonder (like 5 min, 25 min, also).

I would also aim for “beautiful numbers of review items”.

Also, don’t do new lessons, if that isn’t obvious.

Not yet a recommendation at this point, but reorder script may help



Welcome back! :crabigator:

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A break from WaniKani or from Japanese in general?

If the latter, do a session of reviews (let’s say around 50-100) and see how bad your accuracy is. If it’s bad (50-70%), resetting a couple of levels down might not be a terrible idea :slight_smile: .

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I think they also recently added a way for you to order your reviews starting from lower levels, so you might wanna try that out too, just to make things a tiny bit faster.

Here’s how to activate that:


reset like 5 levels down. it will save you loads of time and effort in the long run. if you havent used wk at all in 6 months, you probably wont even remember stuff that well, so the reset will make it better.

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Great,sounds right for me

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i strongly recommend* installing a script to reorder reviews by srs level

then do whatever reasonable amount of reviews you want to do every day. like other have suggested, maybe 100 reviews, or perhaps two 30 minute sessions. whatever works for you.

reordering by srs level is important, because it allows the srs-intervals to bite properly. without some kind of reordering, you might not get to review low-level apprentice items for days, which breaks the basic functioning of an srs system.

edit: the option to order reviews by WK level might also work, but i find it fits less well with my workflow

*because it’s worked for me twice now


how do I install a script for reviews

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A break from Kanji-studying itself can break accuracy as well (depending on how good your language usage / immersion is).

Nonetheless, it might still be a good idea to test first whether you need reordering to clear the review pile.

I actually cleared review piles in the past, by reordering by levels (lower first), and reviewing only partially at a time (so, I don’t care if there are still too many remaining) – and now it is already experimentally built-in to WaniKani, so maybe no need for scripts.

It also depends on the device you do the review. Are you using a third-party mobile app? The scripts are desktop-focused; but mobile apps may already have the features built-in.

If you have the time you could always just sit down and do them. I often do batches of ~500 through the self study scripts. You’ll probably get a lot wrong, but you can just further study these with the new recent mistakes section.

the link by polv-san explains it in more detail, but basically you need:

if you do not feel comfortable installing stuff like this in your browser and messing with scripts, it might be easier to use the new built-in function to sort reviews by level

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