Review answer is shaking for anything (wrong and right answer)

Since the last update of the website, I have a lot of problems during my reviews.

Randomly for one item, I can type all words or nothing, the input will shake and I can’t put anything to answer the question anymore… If I reload the page, I have a chance to see the same item and have the real input with no shake.

I need to reload the page and retry every time… So I can just do 1, 2 or 3 reviews before an other item bug like that. I have some userscript too, so it’s maybe a bug of one of those… but I haven’t seen yet someone with the same problem.

The activated userscripts are :

  • Wanikani open framework
  • Level duration 2 (which cause a js error because it didn’t have the good js selector because there is no level zone in review dashboard… I tried to disable it and I have the same issue)
  • Wanikani override
  • Wanikani reorder ultime 2
  • Wanikani real number
  • Wanikani show specific SRS level in Review

Anyone have any clue of what’s going on ? I really can’t do review like that :frowning:
Thank’s in advance for any tips !

Edit :
It didn’t happened on mobile app (android official one).
I have also a script blocked by Ublock for privacy reason from this link : (don’t click on it - but if you know what it is, I am curious)

Did you try turning off all scripts and seeing if it still happens? If no scripts trigger it, then simply start turning them on until you start reproing the issue.

I also have that same script blocked without seeing any issues. I expect it must be one or more of your userscripts.


Do you have any other tabs open with WaniKani?


I desactivated all userscript but I have the same issue on the first item.

(If I typed nenmatsu too :frowning: )

Hummmm. I already searched for all wanikani tabs on my computer (+ closed mobile app too) and I missed one !

I have pinned WK, so every time I open a new window, it open WK my computer want me to do more reviews ahah

I will try like that. :slight_smile:

+1, having another active review session in another tab/browser/device might lead to funny behavior as described.

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Ahhh. That was this little … fuurtive tab ! It’s working well now ! thank you @Belthazar and all :).
Do you think I need to do a mail for this bug ? Or it’s not a bug just a feature ?

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It’s a well-known issue cheating prevention featureTM
I know aout this because I’ve learned from first-hand experience


Everyone knows you can just wait like 20 minutes and cheat anyway. :zipper_mouth_face:


This bug is a lesson in why global state is bad.


Or just switch devices, clear cookies or use incognito tabs. :kissing::wink:

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New Relic is a web analytics product, shouldn’t affect anything.

Since it’s mostly used to track bugs and other issues, by blocking it people are essentially preventing the bugs they experience from being noticed…

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How you can cheat if you have many tabs of WK ?
And really, why someone would want to cheat ?

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It seams strange to me that a script like that come from an other domain. Thank’s for the clarification !

Simultaneous? IDK, that was the first thing that came to mind for my joke :sweat_smile:. I guess it doesn’t really make sense.
But what others are suggesting is that you can use incognito mode, other browser or other device to re-start a session and cheat the system that way because responses are only sent to the server after you correctly answered both meaning and reading for any vocab/kanji item. So if you had a mistake and start over again, that wrong answer won’t be sent to the back-end. It is too much trouble having in mind the ignore button exists, but it is possible to cheat that way.

Can’t really answer for others in regards of motivation, but the great number of users abusing ignore scripts certainly proves users have such desires :eyes:

Think of Google Analytics, something like that. It’s a third party service.

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Newrelic is a product for software logging/reporting/analytics. WK probably uses it to report client usage and errors. I’d say it’s safe to unblock it.

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