Review expects reading when asking for the meaning

I was doing reviews and when I gave an answer for the meaning, it did the shake thing, but with no message. Because I’ve heard other people encounter this bug, I typed in the kunyomi even though it was asking for the meaning, and got a shake and message saying the onyomi was expected. So clearly it was expecting the reading even though it was asking for the meaning.

This happened multiple times in the same session, on various review items. Before the third instance, I turned off all user scripts. So it appears to be an issue with WaniKani itself, and not a script.

For what it’s worth, I had another tab open with a lesson session (the learning part, not the quiz part). I did about 15 review items, with this error occurring on and off, while the lesson tab was open. I then closed the lesson tab and refreshed the review tab, after which I completed the last 10 reviews without issue. I have no idea if this is related to the bug, but I wanted to mention it just in case.

Whenever I run into this problem, I close the other WaniKani session immediately. That works for me. (Safari browser on macbook.)

My guess is that WaniKani instructs the browser to reject “reading” on one session and “meaning” on the other session. It does not consider whether the session is a lesson or a review. It just knows it has to reject what you just typed.

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I seem to recall this being a cache issue. Next time it happens clear the cache and reload???

I’ll ping @viet just in case I’m wrong.

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I had this issue the other day too, and I’m pretty sure it relates to having another WK tab open. I was doing my lessons the same time this error occurred too, so it has to be related to that…

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