To all those feeling overwhelmed by Wanikani

Until a few days ago, I had a review pile of over 400 and it was growing quickly. I was only cutting it down a little everyday for it to grow back. Now, after dedication, it is 0.

Remember to stay consistent and you can be saved if you do.

Good luck :slight_smile:



Small lesson batches, consistently keep up with reviews.

If you consistently do 15-20 lessons a day, you’ll end up with smaller bunches of reviews coming in and still maintain a fairly fast levelling speed. If you find you’re feeling snowed under with reviews, stop doing lessons.



JK! :wink: It’s best to not lessons binge and later regret it. Especially if you’re new to the language. More experienced users can speed things up without being overwhelmed.

It’s best to be honest and accepting of your own limits - finding the pace of leveling and reviewing that works for you. Then you just have to be consistent and keep on reviewing. ^>^

Eventually, you’ll find yourself at lv 60 if you do.


Very much so, I remember @prouleau’s wise words!


I guess my theory on that is if you are going to binge, make sure you have enough time in the next 24-36 hours to clean up after the mess you are about to make.


I prefer the chaos!
100 reviews everyday!


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lol, more like 15-20 lessons a week. 15-20 a day would swamp me.


What is your current number of daily reviews like?

With doing lessons in batches of 20, mine is currently like 70. Your number of apprentice items is lower than average, so I’m just interested to hear what your experience is like :slight_smile:

I try to keep my apprentice items under 60, and my daily reviews right around 100. At present though I’m in one of those slumps where my retention on Guru and Master items is not good and so everything that is currently in Apprentice has seen Guru/Master already, some many times. So I have kept my daily reviews going, but haven’t done a lesson in almost 2 weeks.

When I’m not slumping though, it’s about 20 lessons a week. And that keeps me at somewhere around 60 Apprentice items and 100 reviews a day.

Someone talked in your other thread about slumps. Mine to seem to come shortly after each level up, last a few weeks, and then the recall starts to get better. But I’ve just decided that in my head items get lonely and want to see me again. Over and over and over. Needy things they are… And that’s the way it’s going to be, or I’m going to quit. And I’m not going to quit, so that’s the way it’s going to be.


Where is it that you can see someone else’s item counts? Mine certainly are not a secret as I screenshot my dashboard often enough and post it here. Just wondering how you know.

On your WK profile. You can click on yours from within the app but if you change the name in the link you can see other durtles profile as well. (…there probably is an easier way but this is how I just visited yours :blush: )

Usually this is the part people can handle as they can imagine their schedule a few days upfront. What is more difficult to imagine (and to predict) is what it will look like a couple of months in the future. WK has eight (or so) SRS stages per item and at some point in your studies items from each stage will come in as reviews. If that number always is 60… that would be a lot of items to review per day :innocent:

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That is true, but also assumes all of those items are progressing at the same pace (i.e. you are getting them all right or wrong) so they end up getting staggered due to user errors anyways.

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Topic’s already dead, but thought I’d update to say that my lessons pile is now 0, so I’m at 0/0 after being stuck on the same level for more than a month. :slight_smile:


Update. I fell behind again and have now cleared a review pile of 750. Moving on to actually do lessons now. I have 150 waiting :sweat_smile:

That’s a normal amount of reviews. I am at around 180+ reviews/day with less than 100 apprentices. I’ve seen many people went up to 200+ reviews at level 30+. Even my vocab SRS hit 200+ reviews/day, total vocabs hitting 5k+. I also do Clozemaster with 100+ reviews/day. I’m in SRS hell :sweat_smile:

You’ve got to prepare for that load amount of reviews. If not, just lower the bar by lowering the lessons and number of apprentices.

I’ve read a study that compared studying 10 words/day with 20 words/day concluded that a higher number of words/day is superior even though the accuracy is much lower because the larger amount learned retained better in the long run. So as long as you’re not overwhelmed, do raise the bar. Don’t mind the accuracy.

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An important qualifier for this, though, is that you need to be doing other studying outside of WK. You need to learn grammar and other vocabulary, and eventually you need to make time for immersion, too. 20 words a day can end up taking multiple hours of study time if you build up a lot of SRS reviews, and many people do not have the time to do SRS for 2-3 hours each day and also fit in grammar study and immersion. It is better to go slower on WK if it means that you have time/energy to add reading to your study time.

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I think it depends on how fast you want to level up, In my case, I reached more than 400 reviews per day, but only for a few days.

There is a graph of the reviews if you want to see how the quantity of reviews changed according to my level


I also study grammar at BunPro and already cleared N3. However, reviews are less than 20/day now to spend more time in another area.

I also do immersion but only by a small amount as I want to clear core 6k before adding native vocabulary outside 6k. I have already done 3 hours+ per day for the past 15 levels and haven’t been overwhelmed yet, so I plan to keep that pace and tilt my focus to immersion a bit more when that time comes.

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How do you produce this graph ?? :hugs: