Advice for resuming after two-month gap

I had WK on vacation mode for a couple months because of a mental health snafu. Does anyone have any advice for getting back up to speed?


Welcome back :crabigator:

Some quick ideas:

  • Have you tried doing some reviews to test the waters? I.e. to see how much you’re struggling with recalling what you’ve previously learned or not.
  • Depending on the damage, you can either consider suck it up and keep doing reviews like usual until the SRS fixes the forgotten items for you and you get back on track or you could reset a few levels.
  • In case you consider resetting, I’d advise you to use the Self-study script, go level by level (from current level down :point_down:) to see where the forgotten items start to be too many for you to be able to handle them. This is also useful if you don’t want to reset, but want to give your brain a refresh of what you last learned.
  • This is mostly a personal thing, I’d prefer taking one step back and then be able to take two steps forward. Other people will prefer a more brute-force approach and continue with reviews as normal until the SRS system fixes everything.
  • In case you have a pile of reviews waiting, I advise you this reorder script. It orders items by how overdue they are (so from more urgency to review to not really urgent). I’d advise you to read the author’s description of this script to understand it better.

Andddddddddddd I guess that’s it?

Hope you’re in a better place health wise now :heart:


I was in a similar situation a few months ago, and had tried just powering through with reviews… that didn’t work and I ended up with a ton of things that fell back to Apprentice and had too many things showing up randomly to be able to learn effectively. What saved me was the classic reorder ultimate, rather than the “prioritize overdue reviews” script above. Haven’t used the later, but it’s description doesn’t sound like it would have been as helpful.

It took some time to recover, but I’m happily back to regular reviewing now. Another thing I did was report my progress back to recovery. People were pretty nice at cheering me on. my thread was: Reset apprentice items

Thanks for your advice!

Just tried to do 100 reviews with the overdue sorting script but had to give up after 57. Currently don’t have the attention/willpower to power through more >.>

(WK is so much easier on MAOI!)

Don’t have any advice per se but I still wanted to drop by to say hello and wish you well. Hope you’re feeling better.

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Take a few shots and go at it

Another option is to download the reorder script, and work through all your radicals from level n first, then all your kanji from level n-1, then all your vocab from level n-2. After going through all your items that way once or twice, you can start using the overdue sorting.

I had a two month gap and hadn’t used vacation mode. I did reviews only for a long time - basically persisted til I got to zero. Then I continued on my merry way. I’m a masochist though.

I do 100-300-350 reviews every day. it takes hours. Its hell. i can not read anything. But I am level 60. One method I recomend is understand the process of learning. At one point Your brain will understand unfamiliar material. it looks like this: 2+2=5 2+2=5 2+2=3 2+2=8 2+2=6 2+2=0 2+2=3 2+2=4 2+2=4 2+2=3,8 2+2=4 …On mobile app You can cheat and undo a wrong answer If You like. On other technic is to stare at the main page where You see all curent level kanjis in row and put cursor on 1, 1,2 1,2,3, 1,2,3,4, 1,2,3,4,5, etc. or stare for 10-20 minutes and do that in evening. On the third day You will feel the diference than it was on first day. Wanikani uses time diference and it is important to get kanji and radicals right than vocab. On the 4th consequitve right answer You go to guru. An other way to cheat is before You review read fast all the kanji or even open an other page of wanikani start screen. Technically You can do everything. It is fight versus yourself at which point will You akirameru. I was stuck in level 51 for 2 years I reviewed but nothing changed…than i got inspired and soon reached level 60. In one month You can go up 4 levels.There are easy words and difficult. Sometimes I devote a day for one difficult word to ponder about it.

Well, things only got worse and, having been depressed for the last few months, I never really got bad to WK until now.
Now I have 2153 reviews waiting for me. Also, WK is ugly now.
Definitely time to reset now. Just need to figure out how far >.>

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