Two years since logging in

it’s been two years since trying anything with the japanese language and/or wanikani… kinda feel like i’ve forgotten everything… should i just start over?



Welcome back :smile:

I reset the first time I left/returned, but not the second time. I think it is a matter of personal preference, and your tolerance for review count pain. Maybe give it a try without resetting, then reset if it turns out you feel overwhelmed?


Welcome back! It might help to reset. I had many long breaks from WK and I didn’t, but maybe if I had I wouldn’t have taken so many big breaks in the first place… :thinking:

How’d you get the “rekt” sect title btw? Do you still remember?

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The issue I see is, can you do all your reviews? The SRS doesn’t work if you aren’t getting reinforcement at the right times, so you need to be able to consistently get your reviews down to 0. Give it a shot and see how you’re doing, but at level 10 you’ve got over 1000 items to review. The first couple levels are pretty slow, so I wouldn’t jump all the way back to level 1 immediately.

So get to where you can get your reviews to 0, and then just keep coming back. Every single day!!!


I kind of did the same thing, didn’t touch WK for 2 years but then again, I stopped at level 2 so thats negligible hmmmm maybe you should reset not to 1 but at least 1 level back so it doesn’t take too long to catch back up. Also dedicate sometime to just make it 0/0

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Reset, and you will be back where you are now in less than 10 weeks.
Many of the mnemonics have changed in that time, as well.



From what I have seen from other members, they have reset and started over again. I wouldn’t know personally, but I don’t know how many people I have seen that have come back after an absence and reset. A lot. If anything, if you do remember some of it, you will breeze through those reviews to get to the stuff you don’t remember, right? It is ultimately up to you. I did see someone else say to do reviews and see how it goes. That is good advice and then you can just start over if not?

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I took a 3+ year break and decided to reset to level 1 (I was only level 7). Coming back with a refreshed motivation I have gotten back to where I was in half the time it originally took me. You could probably get away with resetting to level 2 or 3, since you probably remember those the most and you could relearn a small number of them easily enough.
Good luck <3


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