Should I start over?

Had to break away from WK for about a month and I feel like I don’t remember anything. I’m on level 11 and have about 750 reviews. Should I start over or just push through getting most of those wrong?

If you do feel like resetting would be the best option, you can reset to a level or two previous rather than entirely and give that a go.

Just push through and let the srs do its own thing. You’ll be surprised at the number of things you remember, especially at your level of progress. Just imagine, you’ve had the skill and patience to make it this far so why reverse that progress? In fact, resetting will even more likely cause a loss of motivation because of having to painfully move through a lot of which you already know.

Take it from me. I took a 150 day hiatus at level 8 due to burnout and had hundreds of reviews to do when I returned and even though I got many of those answers wrong I found that there were many kanji and vocab that were so ingrained in my mind that I could still remember them and this was by far no insignificant amount. Imagine that after a huge 150 day break! I’m certain you can make it so don’t give up.

As for a strategy for getting those reviews down, break it down smaller sessions that you are doing consistently. So for example, try completing 50-100 reviews/day and stop it at that. Even though that seems like it’ll take a while you’ll thank yourself in the long-run for spacing it out and you’ll be back on track better than ever.


If I was in your situation, then I wouldn’t reset just yet. I see that most of your items are master or enlightened. If/when you fail those reviews they will get demoted pretty hard, but they will not bother you again as soon as tomorrow. They will bother you in a week or something. In the meantime you can use the selfstudy script to refresh your memory. Or perhaps failing that burn review will be refreshing the memory enough. In a couple of weeks, if all your items end up as apprentice or guru and you’re overwhelmed with reviews, then I would consider a reset. But as Borx pointed out, you can split the difference and reset just a few levels.


If it’s too many reviews, do them slowly, like ~200 per day, that way next week when you redo them they don’t all come back at once.

Even if you dont remember most of the items your first go through, they will stick a lot easier after that. Just do the max amount of reviews in a day that you are comfortable with. If you were only gone for a month, youll pick it back up quickly. I was gone for 10 months and I pulled through. Its a little frustrating at first, but dont worry about how many you get wrong. The SRS system will make sure you know it eventually.


I was in a similar position a couple months ago, and you can pretty much get back to where you were before the break in a couple weeks doing a hundred reviews or so a day. Never stop a review session until there are fewer items in your review queue than the last time you did reviews. That way you are always making progress on reviews. がんばって!

Oof, I definitely considered a restart after two years away from WaniKani.
That left me with over 2000 reviews plus some neglected lessons.

It helped me just to skim through recent levels and figure out roughly what point I was at, in terms of remembering most of the kanji and vocab. I ended up dropping 2-3 levels to make reviews more manageable.

Other than that, it’s just getting through your reviews. Since you were only gone for a month, the pile probably isn’t so horrendous as it could be. Some people like to space out large reviews. I like to do as many as possible so it’s done faster. Your choice.

Hope all goes well and you get back on track. A total restart probably isn’t what you want unless you remember very little of even the lower levels, but who knows. Best wishes!

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