Advancing lessons


is there any way to start the next batch of lessons without waiting the full day?







Just following the trend. There’s a good reason for this. Check out the guide and the FAQ for details on why.

The short answer is that it’s good for your non-robot brain. At least, I assume you don’t have a robot brain…


No. I did not even read the question. Just felt like saying no.


What the heck, I’ll dare to be different: yes.

You can install [Self-Study Quiz Edition] userscript and practice all you want (Installation instructions [here]). It won’t advance you any faster, but it will give you a some good practice while you’re waiting. Of course, there’s also the usual recommendation to study other materials, like practicing hiragana & katakana, or find a grammar resource.


(following the trend)



PS: How did you all post just “no” as your answer? I tried posting just いいえ and got 10字以上必要です。


Powerpunch and Kumi are above the law. Such mundane restrictions obviously don’t apply to them.


@Powerpuncher and @Kumirei count as characters.



Oh, and the trick to reading text hidden in angle brackets is using the “quote whole post” button to the leftmost in the reply box image


I am the law :3

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