Lessons too clustered?

Does anyone else find that they will have no lessons for several days before suddenly having the dreaded 42+ all at once?

I am an extremely bad procrastinator and am pretty much incapable of traditional studying so I was really excited to find a method that would allow me to learn Japanese at an even pace, but now I find myself getting daunted by the high concentration of lessons. For me the volume is fine, the density is not - I end up putting them off which stunts my progress significantly. I know it’s psychological but I can’t deny that it happens :frowning: Is there anything I can do to change this on my end? Or are the devs doing anything to improve it? Or is this just a total non-issue to other users?

Sorry if this gets asked a lot, I couldn’t find anything using the search bar.

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New items unlock when you guru them, so you will get a batch of items in the middle and the end of a level. WK already uses the radicals to adjust the pacing.

As you say, it’s mainly psychological, you don’t have to do the lessons just because they are there. Set a target, like “I will do 10 lessons per day”, and then just stick to it :slight_smile: [If you want to go fast you can still use reorder.]


You get lessons when the items that unlock those lessons hit guru. You hit guru after four successful reviews, which takes about three and a half days (specifically, the minimum possible time is three days and ten hours - 4hrs + 8 hrs + 23 hrs + 47 hrs). Since you get lessons in bunches, you tend to guru things in bunches, so you unlock the next lessons in a bunch too, after “no lessons for several days”.

You don’t have to do all the lessons available in one go, though.


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I recommend using [Userscript] WaniKani Lesson Filter or Wanikani Reorder Ultimate [old version, not working] to spread out your lessons more. Set a goal to do X lessons a day or something like that. As long as you do a mix of radicals, kanji, and vocab each day, you should be fine.


I’m bad at restricting myself to a certain amount of lessons per day, so I instead make sure my apprentice item count stays around 100. When I level and get that big batch you’re talking about, I’ll usually end up doing it in two big batches - the vocab that’s scheduled up front and the new level’s radicals that come directly after. Only once I wittle my apprentice items down from that do I continue with the kanji lessons and the rest of the vocab.


I really like this idea, thank you!

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You can also change the order of lessons in settings to ascending level then shuffled (or ecen purely shuffled). This way you’ll get a mix of differently typed lessons, which should make new lessons trickle in more steadily.


I feel like this is my best strategy when I get to a new level. I like to finish previous level vocab first, then do new radicals on the first day (so I unshuffle). Next three days do the current level vocab and kanji shuffled in even batches. When previous level kanji get guru’d I do those vocab lessons right away. I find my accuracy is better this way.

I didn’t do any lessons after I finished the kanji in my level and I just guru’d enough to advance to the next level. More than 160 lessons are now waiting for me and I have already forgotten some of the kanji for the vocab.

It has been this way for the last levels so I’m kind of used to it by now, but it really slows down my progress. I don’t know why it is that way, I didn’t have much of a problem before I reached level 20.

Try to get your lessons to 0 before you level up.

How is your current level going? Do you still have a bunch of vocab lessons? Are you about to level up again?


Well right now I’m still at the same level as I was when I wrote my last post. I did around 60 lessons since I leveled up and still have 110 to do, so I haven’t started the kanji for my level yet. Doing more lessons is kind of problematic because I usually get around 150 items per day, and only around 50 of them are apprentice. Increasing the apprentice count will only lead to procrastinating my reviews and thus blocking new lessons completely.

I noticed that I do a lot of new lessons when I master a lot of gurus because I don’t get reviews regularly anymore. This goes well until the new lessons are all gurud and come back after a week to haunt me.

Sorry if it was hard to read, I can’t find the proper words at the moment. :sweat_smile:

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Good to hear that you aren’t reordering your lessons to skip the vocab, since you said you were having trouble remembering the readings after a while.

Ha no, I’ve never used the reorder script. Since I bought a lifetime membership in the last sale I don’t have a reason to level up as fast as possible and therefore also no need for the script.

In the past few days I managed to get my reviews back under control and I did some lessons too. This level I will try a new approach on the dreaded lesson flood after level up.

Before learning the new kanjis, I’ll try to get all the previous vocab to guru. After that I’ll plow trough all of my remaining lessons and hope I can finish them before I start to guru the kanji and unlocking new vocab. Maybe that will help?

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