Add Wanikani vocabulary that is not yet available

Hey Minasan!

I wondered if there was some kind of add-on that allows you to learn items of vocabulary which are still not available (e.g. I’m level 15 and want to add some word which appears on level 33)
As I’m studying Japanese in my university, we have lists of vocabulary to learn each week.

A lot of words from those lists appear later on in Wanikani, and being able to study those in-app would be very practical as I have a conséquent amount of stuff to learn.

Thank you in advance !


There is no way of doing this. You’ll have to level up and unlock the lessons.

But there is also no stopping you from studying the words on your own, though not in-app as you wanted.

My best bet is using Anki to make your own cards to study items ahead of time.



Thanks a lot for your 速い答え. I thought about Anki already but being able to do both on the same app would have been less time consuming.

Thanks again!

The advantage of Anki is that it’s sooo customizable. You can either use the (already really good) pre-made settings, or change it to your likings. I use both WaniKani and Anki for quite some time now and it’s really like having the best of both worlds!

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That’s good to hear from someone who uses both. I’m using the Tobira textbook and I guess there are pre-made lists of vocabulary from the book, I’ll definitely look into it!

And you can still read the mnemonics here on WK to help you remember.

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Yes, its great that WK is completely open with its information and nothing is really “gated”. Only the SRS-app-part is restricted to your current progress. :slight_smile:

OP: there are several threads on here that talks about the best use of Anki. I suggest searching the forums for more tips. I’m sure you’ll find a number of them.

Good luck!



If you only want kanji and vocab, why not just input those in KameSame? I do this for words I encounter outside of WaniKani, when I do reading practice. It works well and it gets combined with the reviews I have from WaniKani.
I prefer it over anki, but maybe I haven’t given it enough of a chance.

You can actually study items in app.


Notice that arrow in the upper right corner


This way you can go through all the items on the level.

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I think the OP wanted the SRS thing, and choosing items to match their university studies, but yeah, that’s a great tip! :+1:

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Another option is HouHou if you have a Windows PC. It’s a dictionary/SRS system, and it has customizable SRS levels, with one of the built-in ones a clone of WK’s system.