Review Script reorder that works?

All I’m really looking for is a way to have Kanji appear before vocabulary during reviews. I have good scripts working and I have script compatibility turned on and Open Framework loaded, but “WaniKani Review Asc/Desc SRS Order (Radical → Kanji → Vocab)”, “Wanikani Review Order”,and “Wanikani Reorder Ultimate 2” all fail to do the simple thing of putting radicals and kanji first. Any suggestions? All my other scripts work fine.

Reorder Ultimate 2 with Compatibility Mode on in the Wanikani settings

I have that one. I have it loaded with compatibility mode on and I see “asc-desc” and “Bulk Mode” and “Single Mode”. No matter what I seem to click on up there I still get the Kanji loading in random order rather than first (before the vocab). What am I doing wrong? Any idea?

I am talking about Reorder Ultimate, which looks like this.

You need to tick Sort Types, and click on the scale on the right to favor タイプ

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I have that one too. I’ll try it with the settings you show. I can’t test it until later so thanks in advance for the help!

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Ahhhhh! I see now that I didn’t realize the diagrams were clickable! Thanks much.


Yup… although it was a creative idea by the original author, it has led to a lot of confusion for first-time users of the script.

That’s one reason I’ve always wanted create my own version, but since this one worked reasonably well most of the time, I never bothered. And now I don’t have time, now that it sort of needs rescuing from an inevitable death as WK continues to upgrade their interface. Let’s hope Script Compatibility Mode lasts long enough for me or someone else to put together a comparable replacement. (There are a few simpler alternatives focused on sorting by SRS level, but I think that’s all).

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It would be definitely handy to keep it going. As my vocab reviews build as I’m going almost max speed in WK, I want to be able to clear the radicals and kanji immediately and work through the vocab later on in the day.