Add note to Anki card

Does somebody have some experience with adding notes to Anki card that are already made?
I wanna add a note, so I go to cards but then it says that if I change something it will affect all cards in the deck.
Anyone can help me.

Can you give more detail on what you are trying to do? Add a new field to the note (all cards have a note type) or add new info in an existing field (notes consists of fields with information), or just adding a new card to an existing note?

I assume you are trying to add a new field to a note, in which case it tells you that you will have to upload everything again?


As you can see it says it will affect the 160 notes, but I only have 31 cards in this deck. How can I change notes for individual cards?

I would suggest you add a “Notes” field to the note type and put that on all the cards, then you just have to edit the note to add info to a specific item. If you really want to change a card’s note type you have to do that through the card browser.

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This is not related to decks.
Sounds to me like you have a note type that is used by 160 notes across all your decks. is it a problem to sync your device once, add the new field and then just have it available whenever you need it?

If no, I would just do that. If yes, you need a new note type. But just for one additional field a new note type is usually not worth the trouble.

Also, this is not the correct window in which to edit this! This is the template. You need to add a field to your note. Then you can add that field to your template later.

(or, in other words: what @Kumirei said… :grinning: )


I’m clueless, I go to browse added a new field, but it adds the same word for all cards.

How did you add it? The only way the same info will show up on all cards is if you add it directly to the card template

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What you want to do is the following:

now add the field:

it is empty in all cards now:

fill it in in just your card that you want to edit

finally, add it to your template:


And after you have done that you can press E during reviews to add info to the “Note” field


Jesus that was easy, My dumb ass :sweat_smile:.

Anki can be a bit weird and frustrating in the beginning, I can relate…

But it is really worth it once you know how to customize your cards. 頑張って :slight_smile:


What do you guys think about this mnemonics, it don’t makes an sense I guess haha.

えんもく | 演目 - Did you already wrote the unmoku software for our new program.
うけつがれる | 受け継がれる - A lot of childred inherited uketsukareru disease from there parents.
いやだ | 嫌だ - I don’t like something of the iyada tribe.

Have you considered an image instead of mnemonics? For nouns it can be super quick. Specific terms and actions sometimes are trickier, but for the most part a quick google images search can save the day for nouns.
Besides with images you get the feel of what japanese people more or less connect the word with (for 演目 for example is more like a musical programme instead of a software; 受け継がれる also is more like continue with a tradition, like the family business an such… not so much a disease :sweat_smile:), it can help to avoid confusion brought with translation.

I’m a lazy guy, haha to search up all the images. But I lack experience in Japanese so I don’t exactly know which word is used is what case. The words from the podcast just said to inherit and program, not specific music program, I just put the simplest mnemonic to recall the word, after that I forgot the mnemonic and the translation sticks.