Add note about common radical pronuncations

Radicals often have common pronunciations when they show up in kanji. For instance, the radical 安 appears as あん in 案 and 安定, etc. It would be cool if when you learned and looked at a review for a radical, it would show some common pronunciations that show up with it. Then for kanji you learn that have the same radical and pronunciation, it could point out the common pronunciation, which I think would help a lot, especially if you have a hard time with WaniKani’s mnemonics like I do.


Yeah, I think this would be neat too. Perhaps they are concerned about information overload, but they do occasionally use this information in the mnemonics so I think it could be more widely applied.

If you haven’t discovered it already, there is a script which gives you information on the phonetic composition of each kanji (and tells you when a radical / kanji is used as a phonetic component in other things):


Oh that sounds neat, thanks for the pointer!

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