Is there a way to get audio pronunciation for Kanji and Radicals?

I press the “J” hotkey both during Lessons and Reviews and nothing happens.
Trying to learn the readings by just well… reading them is rather unsatisfactory.
I have a good memory for sounds, and not being able to associate a sound to the readings is setting me back.

Kanji and radicals don’t have audio.
Radicals are only visual objects for constructing complex kanji from simpler common parts.
Kanji are a little like English letters, so learning a pronunciation isn’t very useful until you put them in a vocabulary word, because they can have multiple ‘readings’ (like a ‘c’ can sound like a ‘k’ or an ‘s’), and even vary in the pronunciation of the same reading depending on the Vocab word it’s used in.

Vocabulary is really the only item type where audio will be useful.

Kanji and radicals don’t have audio.
Vocabulary is really the only item type where audio will be useful.

Thanks for the answer, I was afraid that was the case.
Is there any tool I can use for this purpose ? Having to remember the reading for Kanji and Radicals would be a lot more easier for me if I could also listen to the reading, regardless of whether that “sound” will be useful or not in the future.

Well, there’s no reading for Radicals since they don’t actually have a pronunciation, so there’s nothing to memorize.

I can sort of understand wanting to create audio associations for the kanji readings, because you are quizzed on the readings (or, rather, a single reading). But no, I’m not aware of any scripts or anything for adding readings to the kanji. You could just pronounce them out loud, I suppose. Or study the vocab associated with each kanji as you learn them, which is what I did as I went through Wanikani (though you’ll often end up memorizing several pronunciations at once that way).

Radicals don’t have a ‘reading’ just a name - if English is not your first language, you can add a synonym in your own language to make remembering it easier.

As for kanji, the Japanese sound system is very consistant, so you should be able to sound each kanji out with the hiragana provided (I usually say the readings out loud during lessons and reviews) . If you still need some help with the sounds, this syllabary chart has audio.


Thanks everyone!

I guess I will focus on pronouncing it out loud. It’s not the same but it should do the trick.
Thanks @Rowena for the syllabary chart with audio, it will come in handy :slight_smile:

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