Kanji Onyomi reading suggestion

Hi there,

This thing crossed my mind and could be useful when learning new kanji Onyomi reading (at least for me).

For many kanji, the onyomi reading is based on one of the radicals it is composed of. For example 官,管、館。Why not adding a note at the end of the kanji reading section saying “Note: this kanji has the same pronunciation than the radical xxx”.
There is no need to change the already existing mnemotechnic but just adding a note can help.

I saw this radical pronunciation link was done for the kanji containing 工 but only them (to my knowledge).

What do you think?



Granted, it’s not in vanilla WaniKani, but this userscript does what you describe:


I think those are called “semantic components”. I sometimes notice them, but when I try to recall which ones they were, I can’t seem to do it.

They’re called “phonetic components” - the semantic components contibute their meaning instead. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ah, thank you! I get those terms mixed up sometimes.

Oh thanks for the script, that seems pretty good.

I still think having a bottom note in vanilla wanikani would be good as well.