Add more synonyms?

Actually, yeah, this is your ideal solution. What xyzbuster just said…the ignore script could work for you…or whatever it is called. Even if you get something wrong, you can mark it as correct. Then spelling misses will not matter.

I suck at spelling so I use the ignore script often. Funny enough wife learned how to spell some words from wanikani ha.

I’m not into Anki’s system. And this problem doesn’t really reply to me. If I can type something close to the answer, I’m gonna know what the answer is.

But you can’t mark it as correct, only ignore it. The item will still come up later in the same review.

Use the Double Check script then. It lets you do that.


I think this script has a function which keeps WaniKani’s format, but allows you to override something as correct

Edit: Darn it @seanblue you Leebo’d me.


Pfft! That guy’s a hack!

Go to the new thread created by @rfindley. At least he updates his scripts!


You can edit the title of your thread to include “(obsolete)”, which may reduce the likelihood of people linking to it via the search bar (which I may or may not have accidentally done myself earlier :sweat_smile: )

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Done, also made the link to your script a little more explicit :stuck_out_tongue:

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To clarify, I don’t think they are suggesting that you use Anki. They are recommending you install a user script that allows you to decide if your answer is right or wrong for yourself, like how Anki does it.

In Anki, you look at the flash card and think of the answer. Then flip it over to see if you got it right. Then mark if you remembered it or not, to allow the program to place it in the proper SRS category. It basically works on the honor system, instead of letting the computer decide if your spelling is too far off.

As other people have said, your other options include Ignore, Double-Check, and a few other user script variations. I don’t think anyone has made a way to expand synonyms because there are already better options available that don’t require as much work for the user. There are also user scripts available that allow you to mark an accepted answer as wrong if you remember a word incorrectly even if WaniKani accepts it as a typo.

Personally, I would suggest that you try slowing down a little and work on improving your spelling/typing skills eventually. Typos are a part of life, but there’s a point where it starts interfering with your ability to communicate clearly. And Japanese has some pretty long words, too.


My typing is pretty great, but I’m not gonna worry about getting every character correct. And Anki’s system is the exact opposite of what I want and of the purpose of Wanikani. Also, I would prefer a script where you didn’t have to click if it’s wrong, it would just let you add a list of words to not accept. If it marks it right, I’m not even going to look at the actual meaning, so that feature is useless.

Getting every character correct is the defining feature of great spelling/typing. It hurts my brain to read your words. >.<


Increasing your typing skill is not the point of WaniKani.

So just add one synonym which is short. “Hospn” should do it.

It’s not rocket surgery. :wink:


Wasn’t there a guy who was gonna add the first letter of every word as a synonym to save himself time.


I have done that. Did you look at the picture?

He can’t stop his wild fingers in time to stick to that one.


I am a big fan of typing the shortest synonym possible.


It’s not RS.

No, but maybe it’s a side benefit.


That’s not what I’m interested in. You are not contributing to the discussion.