WK seriously needs to fix a redo-button and add better synonyms

This is seriously getting ridiculous, I’d guess that a 30%-40% of my leeches are entirely due to lack of synonyms.

I just want to bang my head against the wall.


It would be nice if they had someone on staff that could add in all the dictionary synonyms. Keep them hidden from the description they are trying to teach. I get so many wrong, look it up in the dictionary and it is a perfect match for what I typed in. I know there will probably a reply from someone saying “well you can just add in your own” - But why not just have one staff member add them in instead of each individual user. It is soul crushing to keep failing burns to this.


This is still going on?? Thought you were already on Kitsun.io, why not just export your data and enjoy a much better platform.

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Yeah, this bothers me. There are alot of words that are not even using the most common meaning.

One of them is 峰 Which they have as just “summit”. I wrote peak, nope can’t have that. WRONG.

Then we have 戯れる Which they have as “to kid” among others, but not “to joke”.

疾患 = Disease, Ailment, Disorder, I wrote Illness, nope, wrong again.

Just never ends.

Yeah, I’m still on Kitsun. Just gotta burn everything because I’m apparently a masochist.


The very first thing that happened when I started a new session:


Why not add synonyms manually?


How have I not thought about that? Thanks!

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I agree that WK needs a native redo button, but the Double Check script is working again with the new update:


So you like the update? :thinking: :laughing:

Templates could probably posted in the CC that fit the export to make it easier, I think some users have already customized as well if they shared. Would probably need something consistent to what users want exported, otherwise maybe just best to let user customize their own…impossible to please everyone.

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