Submitting Suggested Synonyms


I know that we can add our own personal synonyms on WaniKani, but could there be a way to submit those suggested synonyms to be “official”?

For context, I was reviewing the 出 kanji and I put “leave” (because I always think of 出る), and it counted it wrong in favor of “exit”, which is basically the same thing. I went ahead and added the synonym myself, but I can’t imagine I’m the only person who’s run into this issue and put in this exact same synonym. It would be nice if those synonyms could somehow be considered to gain “official” status.

They take corrections and suggestions via email

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Excellent, I’ll look into doing that.

I still think it might be nice for that sort of functionality to be “built in”, similar to how on Duolingo you can immediately report an issue or suggest a correction as soon as you get a question wrong.

Thank you!

They have a form on the UI somewhere, but it literally just sends an email and they respond via email. So still not very modern.

Could be worse. They could go for the full Japanese experience and expect you to send a fax.


Meanwhile I’m like “why are you emailing each other instead of texting?!”.

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