Add Kanji Stories for each level

I just had an idea that would make Wanikani even better, and I thought I’d share it here.

A great way to reinforce the learned kanji would be to have a short story (or more) after each level (higher than 10, maybe) that use the new kanji and vocabulary. I know that’s a lot of work, but I think it would take the learning experience to the next level. Or maybe connect it with EtoEto (if that ever comes out).

I would love to hear what you think.


This is suggested every now and then, and the issue is that there is no correlation between WK level and grammar knowledge or vocabulary size


I figured this had been suggested before, but couldn’t find anything during my search.

There’s some connection between WK level and vocab, not with grammar, though. That’s why a connection with EtoEto would be perfect.

That would be my perfect Japanese learning solution, but I guess it will have to stay a dream. :cry:


That’s kinda what I was about to say - stories using kanji aimed at your level is exactly the intended purpose of EtoEto. It’ll be out SoonTM.


That still isn’t out? I remember Eto Eto coming soon being a meme back in 2016, lol.

Edit: just read the update from 2017, hope it comes out soonish. I am relying on textbooks, or will be shortly as I am planning a trip with friends to Japan in a year, being able to learn as much as possible will be great.

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Oh, it’s definitely coming out soonish. The only question is whether that refers to geological time scales, or astronomical.

Ooo, where are you going? When? (Also, that’s advance planning. Think the longest in advance I’ve gotten around to planning any overseas trip is a month. :stuck_out_tongue: )


It is more of a frivolous idea that my friend came up with about a week ago. Edit: We have talked about doing it a couple of times over the years, but never have we been more able to act on those desires or have had strong enough motivation to go through with it. My friend’s cousin has done it a few times, and speaks Axis somewhat according to my friend so we have experienced guidance even if he doesn’t come along for the actual trip.

I figured that due to my financial status, it would take several months of me putting money away to be able to afford to go, and early spring would be the best time for weather and blooming season.

We would probably stay on the edge of Tokyo somewhere, and maybe make a couple day trips to places further away, one place I would like to visit is Kamakurashi which is just outside of Tokyo a little ways. Might do a 7 day JR pass, but that would take a large chunk out of spending money.

We are only mostly talking about it now, so actually planning days, locations, and so on is a ways off, but giving myself that 12 month time period really is setting off my motivation urges to learn. So even if it doesn’t happen (though I really think it will) I will have a few thousand saved away and gained a bunch of knowledge assuming I stick with Wanikani to more than level 23 this time and not give up. And of course Genki and Tobira + whatever else I can fit into the coming months.

Also, probably astronomical at this rate.

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Definitely visit Kamakura. Only consider getting a JR Pass if you’re going to be travelling long distance. When you’ve got a vague itinerary worked out, you can use this to calculate roughly whether the JR Pass will be worth it - if you’re only planning on day trips, it’s unlikely you’ll spend enough to need the pass.

But now we’re drifting away from the topic at hand. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Enoshima!!! Go to enoshima!!

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