Ultimate Wanikani!

As someone who has floated in and out of Japanese over the years, one of the biggest frustrations I have found is the relative lack of continuity between the different resources. I really enjoy Wanikani but with limited time it’s a struggle to fit in grammar, speaking, listening and writing. That is something everyone has to deal with, I get it, but what about a resource that links all this in together?

Imagine if Wanikani had Genki style courses where the vocabulary being learned fitted in with the exercises and grammar? Then say a graded reader appropriate for the level you were up to. Add ons for listening and connecting with speakers etc that all link back to your Wanikani level. Don’t know about you but I’d happily pay a whole lot more for a range of extra services that fed into each other!


They once had a project for an online textbook called EtoEto, but it’s been on hold for years.
Even before that, they had a similar project called TextFugu.
I think they just don’t have the time or resources so they’re focusing on just WaniKani to make sure it’s the best it can be.


That sounds like a great idea. But let’s face it, they’ve got limited man (or woman) power and still have many features I’m sure they (and us) would like to have implemented in the core kanji side of wanikani first. Maybe in the distant future 10 years from now.


I understand the problem. I too only have time for WK. But first of all grammar is not kanji or vocab. I don’t think the WK System could be used for that. So you’d have to come up with a new system. Also usually quality suffers when you try to do many things at the same time. I’d rather have more ressources, which do the one thing they do well.

I often fantasise with a resource like that where WK, BunPro, Kitsun and Satori Reader are integrated into one big fat Japanese course. There is a degree of integration between those tools and WK, but it is not what you and I are longing for.

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If you want a program that has a lot of integrated tools like flash card reviews, grammar lessons, vocabulary groups, reading material, etc. I would suggest LingoDeer. It’s probably the closest thing I know of to what you’re describing.

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