About an official synonym to 逃亡者

So I noticed recently when it popped up again in my reviews that 逃亡者 has the synonym of ‘refugee’ with it. To my knowledge, the definition of 逃亡者 is simply a person running away. Still, it’s also heavily associated with it being a crime or while at war - basically only very negative connotations.

Where I come from in the U.S. the term refugee isn’t used is such a negative connotation, but rather more of someone who is just escaping hardship (which I think is 難民?). Although this might just be lacking knowledge of how it’s used elsewhere.

It might just be me, but I’d suggest Wanikani remove the synonym of their side. If people want they can put it on there, but to me, it just feels kind of uncomfortable with it saying essentially that fugitive and refugee and the same word, or that they’re the same thing.

(I did try searching so I’m sorry if this has already been brought up a (T.T))


It was brought up, 7 years ago, and even though someone suggested notifying WaniKani directly about it then, I guess no one did if it’s still like this now.

The best way to request a correction is to email them at hello@wanikani.com

It is worth noting though that that’s not what it means for 2 words to be listed as synonyms on WK. So while it’s not relevant to this particular word, since 逃亡者 probably should not be “refugee” simply because it doesn’t really mean that, having them both listed would not imply “refugee = fugitive” in English in any case.


Hey, thanks for bringing this up. I’m going to inform the content team and I’ll let you know what they say.

Update: Apparently 逃亡者 can be used to mean refugee in a certain context such as:


The anti-Pinochet refugees formed a large expatriate community in Europe and a smaller community in North America (in the US and Canada).

However, it is true that one would usually use either 難民, 避難民, or 亡命者 instead to mean refugee, so we decided to remove it from the alternate meanings of 逃亡者 but kept it as an acceptable meaning.


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