Japanese articles about the language

This is a thread for Japanese articles (as in, written in Japanese) about the language.

To start with, I found this article about why 逃亡 uses 亡, which was definitely a thought when going through WK. It also illustrates yet another reason Kanjidic2 is bad, since all the Japanese sources I checked have 逃げる as a meaning of 亡, while kanjidic2 does not.

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What’s Kanjidic2?

It’s what jisho and other English language Japanese dictionaries use for Kanji meaning. JDict doesn’t cover kanji, just words.

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You can submit an updated meaning if you want.

There is currently no online access to the database the holds the KANJIDIC contents (the information is mostly quite static.) Anyone wishing to propose a change to the data for a kanji, e.g. add or change a reading will need to email Jim Breen at jimbreen@gmail.com.

Jmdict can but AFAIK there isn’t much you can do about Kanjidic2

Hmm? It says you can email him.

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Yeah I can hope he responds and updates, but it isn’t really a transparent opensource system. We aren’t in the 90’s anymore.

At any rate, I don’t want to have to submit 100’s of things to it, since in my experience looking at kanjipedia/mojinavi/kanji. jitenon is that it is wrong far more than it is right.

If this is the kind of thing you’re referring to as “wrong” then I’m not sure I would agree with that description (different resources can have different scopes, my elementary school-focused dictionary has fewer meanings for words than my Koujien), but eh, there’s a way to improve the resource. If someone did it, it would be more complete.

But getting back onto the main topic, you might enjoy the articles at the Kanken site.



Ooh thanks for the link!

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