About adding synonyms during reviews (Help Please)

So I noticed quite a while ago if you type in the wrong answer for a word and then put it in as a synonym (during that same lesson) the lesson will ask you again the meaning and the reading and you won’t get it wrong. But this doesn’t always work for me. Does anyone understand how this system works it would be quite helpful.
BTW here is an example from today’s review
I put in the synonym of “high buddhist priest”
I got it right even though i had already gotten it wrong
before in the same lesson.
Thanks for your help!

I always thought it is wrong after the first wrong answer, even if you put in a synonym afterwards.

Wait, you mention both lessons and reviews. Are you using soms kind of script to add synonyms during lessons?

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In my experience, it re-quizzes you on an item if you add a synonym, even if that synonym is added after a red screen.

I think this is the desirable behaviour for WK to have. If I’m reviewing, and I can only think of the Dutch translation, I wouldn’t technically be wrong. It would be very frustrating to be marked wrong on correct knowledge of the item. There are many ways to say the same things in English alone, let alone taking into account that many WK users don’t have English as a first language.

Could you maybe elaborate more on this?

What you describe in your example is what I also experience as the intended behaviour of WK: trying to make sure that people aren’t punished for knowing something, merely because they can’t think of the precise few synonyms that WK has registered.

Edit: to be fair, it has been quite a while since I added a user synonym. So maybe I’m wrong? But I clearly recall being confused for a moment at being re-quizzed on an answer, only to realize it must be because of an added synonym during the review session.


Yes, it requizzes, but I thought it still gets demoted. What if you get it wrong, but when checking the answer you add a synonym just because you think that should be accepted too, but not the one you entered first? Or you can just add a synonym for every item you get wrong, get requizzed and promote the item anyway.

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Since it has been so long, now I’m curious. :thinking:

I have 2 reviews right now, so~

runs off to get something wrong on purpose



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You are completely right!

Got a red screen - I added a synonym - got re-quizzed but the item still demoted.

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The system always demotes you if you were marked incorrect during the session. If it shows that item leveled up after an incorrect answer and then adding a synonym, that is a visual bug that the team knows about. The item didn’t actually level up.


What @Leebo said.

They should really get around to fixing that bug. It seems to cause a decent amount of confusion.


okay this makes the most sense thank you

Thanks everyone! I love this community :slight_smile:

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