More vocab synonyms in general?

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… I could go on.

Yes, we can add user synonyms, but these often first happen at the later stage reviews, mostly at burns actually. It’s kind of demotivating. :slightly_frowning_face:


Yep, I ran into the same thing. Burn reviews come up, you haven’t seen a word in months, you know the meaning but just isn’t one on the list. It’s really frustrating.

For the short term I’ve started putting in user synonyms for pretty much everything. When I get new content I ask myself, “Okay what are all the possible correct ways I might answer this several months from now” along with checking to confirm.

There’s got to be a better or more systematic way to approach this though.


Aww yeah that sucks… Do you use anything to at least avoid being “punished” for alternative-but-still-correct answers?

Im not as far in as you, so haven’t started burning anything yet - but I have the same problem at any level review :sweat_smile: On Tsurukame I have the “Allow cheating” setting turned on specifically for this reason.

If I’m sure my answer should be allowed (because I already know the word from elsewhere), I’ll add the synonym on the spot and mark my answer as correct…
If the wording of my answer was slightly different but still saying the same thing (mostly due to not being American), I’ll just mark my answer as correct and not add the synonym unless it keeps happening…


i agree. at first i was strict with myself, but lately i’ve been using the override script for situations where my answer really was correct, just not exactly what wanikani asked for, and then adding the relevant synonyms after the review session.


Isn’t this problem solved with userscripts? WK Doublecheck for instance. You type in a similar meaning but get it wrong, then just ignore it and either A. remember the wk definition. Or B. Just add it to user synonyms if you don’t wish to change the way you remember it.


Until now I was strictly against the override userscript, but I am facing the same problems as you are, and so I have installed it. I can’t even go on with my lessons, because my leaches build up like crazy because I make similar “mistakes” to going-to-be-burnt items. Especially because English is not my mother tongue, I am often struggling with finding the correct term.

I think on the long run this is the only solution I have found for myself, because I can’t go through all items now and add all thinkable synonyms right away.


You could, for sure. I’ve considered it. I just know that in that kind of situation it’s easy to give into temptation and cheat a bit on things you probably should mark as wrong.

“Oh yeah yeah I knew that…”

I posted this under Feedback because I was hoping to get the WK team’s take on this common problem. I think so far WK specifically didn’t want to provide an override option, so I’m assuming they don’t recommend using it in userscripts either.

So WK team: is this working as intended from your point of view? If not, are you planning on improving it? If so, the user community can probably provide some useful ideas. Thanks in advance for considering!


It’s so easy to add your own synonyms with the Tsurukame app.

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Also why is 申し込む “to apply” but not “to apply for”? You can’t use 申し込む in the sense of “to apply some paint on the wall”. I’m okay with including “to apply” in the list of accepted meanings, but then 応募する doesn’t accept “to apply”. It has to be “to apply for” (or other meanings).

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In the beginning I figured it was me, my still lacking sense of English nuances. But, I’ve been more lax as of late, preemptively adding synonyms on words where I sense could end up in trouble because I might not intuitively choose the right word later on. I add the word during the apprentice stages, now that I recognize the pattern. Or on recurring leeches where I keep making the same wrong guess on word choice. But, I don’t want to overdo it either, because not all words are equal in nuance and meaning. It’s a tough balance.

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Also certain intransitive requiring ‘to be …’ as the answer, when that is not actually how it works. 助かる is not ‘to be helped’, because the person who is being helped is not actually the subject. It is simply ‘to help’ as in ‘it helps to enter some user synonyms in these cases’.

Another one rejecting what is the first meaning on Jisho:
Screenshot 2020-06-17 at 11.25.08 PM
I’m getting one of these almost daily.

It’s increasingly the case in later levels. They did not put in the same care as they did earlier levels.

Probably because so many people drop out, they don’t see much incentive to properly edit after 30 or so.

I`d rather run the risk of cheating than increase my workload by unholy amount of reviews just because I entered a synonym or a typo.

i don’t let the system crush me. I use the extension that lets you correct “wrong” answers. I use it carefully, only for honest typos, or answers that really should be marked as correct. It’s helped me a lot.

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