[Feature request] if a vocab definition is inputted wrong, and I add the 'wrong' answer as a user synonym, don't count it as wrong

Just missed my burn of 老人 because I answered it as “elder” instead of “elderly person”. I added “elder” as a user-defined synonym but it’s still going back to the guru pile. I think if we add the most recently provided answer as a user-provided synonym the algorithm should undo the SRS penalty.

Yes, I know this can be done with scripts but it should honestly be part of the main system…


I kind of think the best time to add them would be originally, during the lesson itself, but you can’t do it at that point. That would be useful?
And then of course I forget to add it later. and then I get it wrong, and it is annoying.
But I get so many others wrong anyway that it doesn’t make too much difference :slight_smile: so I don’t take it too much to heart.
But I do feel your pain.


Great suggestion, for a while I actually thought it worked that way :grimacing:

There’s certainly an option to do that in some of the mobile apps.

That’s because there was a UI bug that made it seem that way. :joy:


Thats how koohi.cafe works and its really convenient.

If I don’t misremember things, there is a script allowing you to add user synonyms during lessons. :eyes: (never used it myself though)

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