Repeat review if synonym is added

If you answer both parts of a review correctly and then add a synonym, you have to review that item again. Even though getting the repeat review wrong doesn’t impact the SRS, it still wastes time having to review it again.

There was another thread about this bug, but since it’s archived I wanted to make another one.


Yeah, I’ve always found that annoying.

I’ve noticed this too. I like to add synonyms to vocab like ‘ordinal number prefix’ so that I can just type in ‘ONP’, but it’s a pain when it repeats the review…

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Additionally, I’ve always thought that if you are adding a synonym after being marked wrong, then you shouldn’t be dropped a level in the SRS. If WK plans to accept your newly added answer for the rest of time, why not 1 minute retroactively too?


Yes, please.

Though I can see how they might think we’re cheating, in that one. It’s always bugged me when I’ve answered something that’s correct in the dictionary (Jisho or sometimes Edict) and because it’s not WK’s synonym, it drops. This usually tends to happen to me around the Guru and Master levels, when I already have a fair grasp at the meaning of the vocabulary word and am a few steps higher in the SRS system with one or more of the relating kanji items.

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Please add this feature!

Before I started using scripts, I used this more as a feature to salvage wrong answers caused by typos.

Why? Even if it says you move up, you actually move down. That’s a related bug.

…My world was built on an illusion.

Well, what was important was that I thought it worked.

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I think it’s better sending actual bug reports directly to their email

I never thought of that!!! That’s amazing! thanks :smiley: gonna steal.

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@viet Thoughts on this issue?

We got your bug report Sean, and I figured I’d drop a response here, too. I’ve opened a case for the devs to look at. I can’t speak to if/when it might get changed, but we’re looking at it. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I just did a review session (I think it was the first time I got 100% on a decent number of items, woo!) where I got 入学 right as “school admission” but decided to add “school admittance” as a synonym anyway just in case I answer that way in the future. Then I had to review it again.

If that took me up two levels instead of one, then there is some potential for cheating there and taking shortcuts. Not that there’s any actual benefit to cheating, though, so… why would you?

Thanks, Cyrus!

Don’t worry, it didn’t do that.

The repeat answer has no impact, regardless of whether it was right or wrong.

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