Getting an item correct after adding a user synonym

Sorry if this has been asked before (I’m sure it has).

I already have patchy kanji knowledge and am using many of the words I knew during my reviews, which seem not to be listed. For example WaniKani didn’t have ‘skill’ for 技術 which is annoying and sets me back, so I add it in during the review (because annoyingly you can’t add synonyms during the lessons!).

Sometimes if I get it ‘wrong’, then add in a correct synonym, it will let me move up an SRS level. However sometimes, it accepts the new answer as correct, but because I got it wrong before it moves me down a level.

This whole time I have not been able to work out what’s going on and what the secret it, it seems to be chance that sometimes it will accept that I knew it, and others will take me down.

Help, it’s incredibly annoying to have a vocab demoted because I used a synonym not in the system!

No, but you can add them immediately after, which serves to reinforce the lesson.

When you have completed the lesson and are taken to the summary page, you can right click on each of the new items and open up a new tab, then take the time to add any synonyms or notes before they come up 4 hours later for your first review.

I can’t speak to the seeming anomaly of getting stuff right or wrong when you add synonyms during reviews, sorry.

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This is (annoyingly) true, but if you already know at that stage that you want to add a synonym, you can go to the item’s page directly after doing lessons and add the synonym in there before you ever see it in a review. That might help somewhat. Ah, what Rowena said!

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever had this happen. It will re-quiz me on items where I’ve added a synonym even if I got them right though. Are you sure it’s not just that you get re-quizzed on everything where you added synonyms, and some of them you initially got correct and some you didn’t?


Don’t know that I’ve ever Leebo’ed someone before! :sweat_smile::wolf::arrow_left: (supposed to be Leebo)

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When you add a synonym between a wrong answer and a right answer, it will tell you it moved you up, but it won’t actually move you up.

Unless they’ve fixed it very recently.

I’ve complained about this bug before. And every once in a while someone makes a topic about it thinking they’ve found away to avoid moving down in the SRS from mistakes.

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You need to use an ignore answer script to get the functionality you want.


I know you can do that, but I do lessons of about 80 items at a time and see maybe 5-10 that have synonyms I’m more used to. Then I usually forget which ones I had a different meaning for and I get it wrong later on!

Hi, I like to do my reviews on my commute to work on my android phone. I can’t seem to get that script to work, I’ve tried downloading tampermonkey for mobile but it doesn’t seem to do anything.

Awww man, I thought they were accepting some of my answers.
I really need an ignore button for android because it’s not just the typos, but writing like ‘the world’ instead of ‘world’ means I have to look at the sodding vocabulary again in four or eight hours!

Use one of the apps. They are inofficial but they have the ignore script built on

I had no idea! I’ve just got WK for WaniKani, has this got the ignore key? This will revolutionise my reviews!
I had considered not getting the key because I didn’t want to overuse it but there are just now too many typos and unsupported synonyms!

Thank you!

This worked a year or so ago at least:

I think nothing is saved server-side until you actually get the item right, so what you can do is wait until your queue is down to only the item you want to not fail (reload or answer incorrectly when it appears), and use WK in another browser for that one only.

Clearing cookies may be enough, not sure.

Sorry, but I want to be clear - you are saving up your lessons (not reviews) and then doing 80 in one shot? If you can’t remember which ones you ‘know’ and want to add previously learned synonyms to, I would suggest taking things a bit slower, but from your start date and current level I’m guessing you’re a 7-day leveller and are not interested in such suggestions. I hope others can be more helpful.

I am a seven-day leveller because I had JLPT2 years ago, I’m trying to cover the gaps in my knowledge like knowing the meaning but not the reading or the other way around, so I can advance to JLPT1 that always eluded me.

This speed is fine for me, I’m answering 98% of the reviews correctly when they come up, I just don’t want to be marked down for perfectly acceptable synonyms that you would find in any dictionary just because I didn’t remember which ones they were after finishing a load of lessons - and adding the synonyms during the lesson is annoying on a phone going back in and out because I don’t have tabs.

Thanks to now finding out about the app with the ignore button (which I have never used before) I can carry on at this speed.

Yes, when you answer wrong an ‘x’ will appear on the left side of what you wrote, click it and the answer bar will change from red to yellow.

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