A website, app or API to allow user definitions of the role of particles and words pertaining to a specific sentence?

Are there any websites like Jisho that break down each part of the sentence. but also allows readers to post there thoughts, on what role each word or particle plays specifically pertaining within that sentence? for example I came across this sentence" これまでにない上出来だ" Which translates to “You have outdone yourself” the only confusing thing about this sentence was the ”ない” part? with that in there, it read to me like this “up until now you have not out done yourself” going by the explanation of what ない means according to Jisho I couldn’t figure out why the sentence read like that… until I posted it here on Wanikani! after posting my question within the first reply I received an answer and I instantly understood the role of ない pertaining to the sentence. this was the first reply by a user named Vanilla :).
"This translation is 100% correct.

As for my interpretation of it, これまでに is like “before now”. In this context it refers to your past self.
無い can mean or “not had”, which applies to this sentence.
上出来 just means “good performance”

So its sorta like saying “Your past self had not had such a good performance”, implying that they have surpassed their past self. Its a weird translation, but thats the best I can explain it."

straightaway I got it after reading that reply. I mean I could post every confusing sentence I come across on here… but that would be multiple times a day, and I would feel like I’m spamming the form too much.
so is there some type of website out there that users can post what role each particle plays within that sentence in particular? if not could someone make one :smiley: or some kind of API that can 出来るか

edit: just in case I wasn’t making much sense here is a further explanation of What I mean .
for example I got the sentance “これまでにない上出来だ” from tatobea by searching for a specific kanji. it had a whole list of other sentancese posted by other users of the site.
and with each example sentance it aloso has a user translation for that word. which is good. but if it also had a section next to the translation called
specific sentence break down, the user could clear up any confusion that might occur by a certain word in that sentence. for example “これまでにない上出来だ
the literal translation doesn’t match the actual translation. so they might write something like this.” note that though ない usually is used to negate the previous statement.
in this particular sentence the ない reads like this “Your past self had not had such a good performance”. but that would be weird to say to someone who has done a good job of something.
so instead we say “you have out done yourself” I feel this would be good for someone who is looking up multiple sentences a day as it would save time. so you wouldn’t have to post every sentence with a confusing contradicting grammar point and wait for a reply. because websites like tatoeba already have pre written sentences it would be nice to have a little note attached to clear up confusion. I hope I am making sense. :sweat_smile:

edit: I got another idea this could be implemented into the wanikani example sentences, as I have been importing them in to Anki after learning the Kanji. if there was some kind of API that added a button to the example sentences in Wanikani that allowed users to add a note that can be viewed by other users to break down any confusing particles or meanings within that sentence. and there could be some kind of voting button for the best explanation. and maybe even add an srs button for those sentences so users could be quizzed on their understanding of the sentences. and even allow users to write there own sentences with the Kanji used in that particular lesson that others can read. this would be amazing! :star_struck:

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Have you been to https://japanese.stackexchange.com ?


Thank you I will check it out :slight_smile:

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