A way to pull all known kanji / vocab in Linq?

Hey there :blush:

I’d like to tag all kanji/vocab I already learned via WaniKani as known in Lingq.
For that I’d need a list of them but it seems like there’s no easy way to do so. :confused:

Do you have a workaround by any chance?

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You can use https://www.wkstats.com (which is an amazingly cool site anyways) and copy-paste the WK items from their UI, if that’s what you mean?
(In case I misunderstood what you’re after, please ask again!)

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thank you <3
I tried to do that but it basically just copys a full list of things (like this: 五月,六日,左右,土,白,々,土dirt,天heaven,月moon,三日,) but for Linq I’d need them either separated (each kanji in one line) or in a clean excel sheet. :pleading_face::smiling_face_with_tear:

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Item Inspector has a couple export features. Surely one of them is what you need. The export suitable to word cloud exports can be configured to export one item per line if this is what you want.


thank you :smiley: I’ll check it out

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So I just now tried this using WKstats (on my iphone), and I can copy all of the kanji I learned up to now. When I paste I get a comma separated list of those kanji which can be saved into a text file.

It looks like this

That text file (also known as “comma separated values” or csv ) can be imported into Excel where each entry is in a cell row by itself.

The settings in WKStats looks like this

Notice under the “Show/Hide” section that I greyed out Radicals, Vocabulary, Locked and Lesson.

This is a quick and dirty method to get you going, but possibly someone’s nifty userscript does something a bit more direct.


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