WK vocabulary chart with all 6000+ words

Hi there, I could find Kanji lists and JLPT lists for the WK vocabulary, but I couldn’t find any spreadsheets with all 6000+ WK words sorted by level.

I need a list with all WK words and their level to use it with my anki decks. Whenever a word is shown in my anki decks I want to see the matching WK level of this word. Therefore I just need a list of all words a d their level, no further details needed.

I’m doing this already with a JLPT list and a word frequency list and it is super useful (external javascript).

So if anybody has a link to a spreadsheet with all WK words I would be highly grateful.

on the wkstats page you can copy paste them, they are in comma separated value format

you can paste them easily on a spreadsheet or other document of your choice.


Ah, thanks! I’m using wkstats a lot but only on phones, so I didn’t recognize that copy feature.
Ok, if anybody needs the same: here a textfile with all 6300 WK words and their level. This text can be saved as javascript object to query the level for a word, for example in an anki deck.


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