A thread for people who've reset their level to 1

I was at lvl 12 and then went on a around 3-4 month long hiatus and thought it would be easiest to just restart the whole thing. At that time the reset button didn’t exist, so I had to mail WK to get them to reset it for me.

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Same ( ゚ー゚)

I was also level 6 when I reset last week. I actually retained a good bit of it despite th efact that the last time I did anything on wanikani was… 2014? Back up to level 2 and hopefully sticking it out to 60. :smiley:

I started to slack off after getting to lvl 7, lessons and reviews piled up, but I couldn’t manage it. Suddenly I was lvl 8 unexpectedly and even more lessons were added, the reviews were at 900… I just quit.
This summer I wanted to start again so I pushed the red button. I had too many burned items I could not remember anymore. Now, I’m already back at 5, soon lvl 6 and managing the reviews better than last time. The fact that the site works perfectly on mobile helps, It works pretty much as an app, when added as a bookmark to the home screen. I try to take a look as often as possible, in every break at work, on the way to work, on the way home, at home pretty much every two hours. Also, obviously the phone comes with me to the bathroom…

I got up to level 33 while taking a Japanese class via my old job. Then I quit that job and moved semi-permanently to South-East Asia, where I’ve mostly been for the last couple of years. I lost the will to keep learning Japanese for a little while. Now, my life has changed yet again and I seem to have rediscovered the reason why I wanted to learn Japanese in the first place, so I’ve rebooted wanikani and I’m working slowly through Textfugu too. If anyone has any other good online grammar resources (free or paid, I’m not too fussy) I’d be interested to hear them.

Welcome back! :slight_smile:

Check this out:

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@abertssquirrel You belong to this thread now.

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how is it going for everyone so far?

Great! I reset from level 12 after i stopped doing my reviews for a couple months. I started using scripts this time around, and they’re amazing. I don’t know what i was thinking doing WK without them. Hopefully i can keep my pace up, when i get back to new things :slightly_smiling_face:


Whoops just saw this, thanks!

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I reset from 50. I was one of the first poeple to make it to 50 when wanikani was in alpha, but for certain reasons I abruptly stopped learning japanese. 3 years later I’ve gotten back into it and just felt like resetting it. Grammar wise I’ve pretty much gotten back up to speed to where I was in 2 weeks or so. Vocab definitely needs work though.

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Let’s give this another shot

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Hey NatCho,

Back in April, I resent from Level 17 to Level 1! You are not alone. I was only away for a year and felt overwhelmed by the content at that level. I had many burned turtles and they are all gone… sadly. However, catching up again is going well and its given me a new sense of accomplishment. Since April 12, I’m just about getting to Level 7 and I still recall about 80% of my enlightened and burned items! I expect to get back to level 17 by year end! Good luck to you other resetters.

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Hey Nedeli, you sound like me! I’ve been learning Japanese for so long, I’ve forgotten more than I’ve learned. After resetting from level 17, I’m finding my motixmvatiin again and a lot of the example sentences are clearer as well! Good luck!

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Reset from 32. Stopped using WaniKani for about a year or so. I felt overwhelmed with reviews. I was spending 4 hours a day on wanikani, but my review scores kept getting worse and worse. Eventually landing me in the 40% range. I felt I wasn’t learning anything. I didn’t know my burned items at all. The mnemonics weren’t working for me and I wasn’t clever enough to come up with them myself. I am using Kodansha Learner’s Course which seem to have good mnemonics. That and Kanji Damage together seem to be much better from what I can tell.

Even though I started back up, I can tell it sorta feels like I wasn’t ready for WaniKani back then. I forgot stuff, but actually, for some weird reason, remembering something like “oh yea, i remember that!” has actually reinforced it more.

I want to go at a much slower pace now. 1 level per month, which is probably doable in 5 years. This is fine because wanikani isn’t my primary study tool. It’s just supplementary.

So my current study tools are:
JALUP: Grammar + vocab + sentences
BunPro: Grammar
Kodansha (KLC) + Kanji Damage: Kanji + mnemonics + stories
WaniKani / KaniWani: vocab + kanji reinforcement
Kanji Study (android app): Writing Kanji + meaning reinforcement. (Used with KLC)
Japanese Quest: Twitch/YouTube - AdHoc course of a Japanese teacher playing video games and explaining stuff.
If necessary tae kim and other misc things like Genki when I need them.


Since this thread is still alive… I has returned! =P

I once reset from 20 to 1 after pushing too hard.

Now, last December, I was back to level 21. I got very sick, so sick I didn’t have the concentration needed. But I was hooked on leveling so I kept doing the radicals and kanji only, thinking the bug was just temporary… it was not… I was bed ridden for over a month, and took me several months to get back in shape again. It was some kind of virus.
But all that time I kept leveling. First with the intent on catching up, but after a while I decided my review pile is too hard, lets just reset again. The more time went by, the further I felt like reseting. After some time I decided to go all the way back to level 1 when ready, so lets just play around with the joke script “never wrong” untill ready :wink:

I went up to level 42, then I purposefully stopped there for over a month. I reset back to level 1 in summer, when I finally felt up to the task =)
If I fall ill again I will simply continue doing reviews, but not level up. Vacation mode screws up the review interval, so I’ll just do the reviews, they trincle out to something very little after apprentice is empty =)

Here’s hoping this will be the one! Third time is the charmed, right?! :wink:


I think that you will make it this time.
But, if not, that it all right too. :slight_smile:

I didn’t reset, but I stopped doing WK around lv 24 the first time around. Forgot my account name and decided I’d just start over anyway. Now lv 7, planning to head straight for my old level, as fast as possible.


Well, just as long as you made sure to stop the subscription for your other (unused) account. Otherwise you’d be paying double.


@omukai, Did you send an email to wanikani to find out your original account name?