A reading without vocab to reinforce?

Today i stumbled upon the 枝 kanji (branch) whose taught reading is し, onyomi…
No vocab in wanikani uses this reading, as far as i see, which surprises me a little, arent you?

The kunyomi, えだ, is very common, and indeed taught twice in vocab.

Anyway, i thought wanikani was kind of teaching usually most often seen readings, and at least, always associate a vocab to the taught #1 kanji reading (the one we first see when learning a kanji in wanikani)


Hm, with that reading, I know the words 枝葉 and 枝垂れ柳, but yes, it feels a bit strange to give that reading first. えだ is indeed more common.


Maybe they are doing it that way because they don’t have any vocab for the reading? Since you learn the other reading as vocab?


There’s two different towns near me that use the し reading of 枝 so I think it’s still good to know? After some quick research it seems to have more compounds where it’s し (51) than えだ (42), but as you can see that’s rather close. It also seems to be し more often when used in tree terminology, like 樹枝 (but don’t quote me on that, I didn’t do very in-depth research).

But yeah, it’s a little weird, I will admit :joy:


Yeah well… :upside_down_face:

I was just expecting wanikani to always include at least 1 vocab that uses the taught reading (to help memorize it).

I guess i am wrong ! :laughing:

Thats the first time i notice that. Did you ever notice that for some other kanji in wanikani?

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I didn’t notice anything ever. I just plowed through sweat_smile


Yeah. There’s a couple of handfuls of kanji in the 50-60 levels that have no vocabulary at all.

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It’s rare, but I’m glad! Even though this one is quite intuitive given the srrong phonetic component of 支, I often find myself wishing WK would teach the on’yomi of many more kanji, even if they don’t have the vocab for it. Often I find myself coming across a kanji in a compound, that I have learned on WK, but was taught kun’yomi only, so I still don’t know how to read it.


I think it can be difficult… for me at least. But will try. Learned something about this thread. Thanks guys!

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