Kanji reading for 崖

Why does WaniKani teach the on reading for the kanji character 崖, when its only used in one vocab word (namely 崖), where the kun reading is used?

A search in jisho also indicates the on reading isn’t used in any common words, it seems a bit pointless to me to teach the on reading for this character.


You have now all but guaranteed that you’re going to run into a word that uses the onyomi of 崖.


I have run into 断崖(だんがい) in Yurucamp before, or so I have tagged in Anki at some point. I have seen many more than “common” in Jisho for a long while now.

Thats a fair point, I think WaniKani should at least add a vocab word that uses the onyomi reading then.


Which is an extremely good point as well. If you have any words in mind, you can submit feedback and recommend them :slight_smile: .


Although you can try suggesting, I wouldn’t put much hope in it. Only that it is certain for me that many many Kanji in Wanikani need to be re-encountered somewhere else, hoping that memory from Wanikani would help, falling out of expectation sometimes, and eventually learning more of the Kanji.

Half of it is also the inferring skill, so taking the On reading from Kanji looking similar to 崖. Otherwise, hearing the vocabulary first, and seeing the written form later.


Thanks for bringing this up, I’ll enquire with the content team to see why we have it and if we want to change it or potentially add some vocab.

I’ll let you know what they say once they get back to me.


Just to piggyback on this thread, is taught as し but only has examples using えだ.


Thanks, I’ll ask about this too.

Just wanted to give you an update on the questions asked here:

(47) - We changed the primary reading to kun’yomi, updated the reading mnemonic and hint and added がい to the allow list.

(34) - We changed the primary reading to kun’yomi, added し to the warning list, and updated the reading mnemonic and hint.


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