A question about To Dry "干す" example sentence


I was reading the example sentences to 干す and while 2 of the examples were about drying things, the third one was this:


I think that comedian has definitely been deprived of any chance to appear on television recently. Don’t you agree?"

I was just wondering how this sentence actually uses 干 as it clearly has nothing to do with drying in the translation

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This would be meaning number four, “to deprive of a role”.

But yeah, not sure why they’d introduce the word, say it means “to dry”, and then use one of the alternate definitions. I guess you could say that his opportunities have dried up…


So I guess you can say “hung out to dry” in that sense in Japanese too. It’s actually interesting how many sayings could feasibly be translated 1:1. Of course, there are so many more that can’t be.


Yeah, they often get a bit carried away with making the sentences interesting and lose sight of the fact that they are using colorful or idiomatic meanings that are going to go over the heads of beginners.


I like that part. Colorful figures of speech are part of the fun! As long as they also have examples of the more usual straightforward use.

Ah thanks! Didn’t even think to check Jisho! It’s definitely strange to throw that one in at the end there. Cheers for the help :slight_smile:


Wait until you get example sentences that don’t explain the vocab at all, such as:


for the vocab item 「進撃」.


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