Keeping track of instances of context sentences differing from the given meanings

This is a common complaint, but I don’t think we’ve ever tried to keep track of them.

Post any you find below.

This one came up in my last lesson batch.

水泡 - foam, bubble

データを保存する前にブラウザがクラッシュしてしまったため、長文のメッセージを書いていた努力が 水泡 に帰してしまった
My browser crashed before I saved my data so my efforts to write a long message ended in failure.

This sentence uses the word in an idiomatic expression that is not related to the given meanings. The phrase 水泡に帰す means “to come to nothing”.


Just ran into one:
解ける - To Become Untied

In WaniKani, it only has definitions related to untying, but the context sentence uses the definition “to be solved”.

If Koichi was here, he would be able to solve this math problem in five seconds. It’s a piece of cake for him.

I don’t know about you, @Leebo, but I try to send them an email when I find stuff like this. Last time they added the context sentence’s usage to the list of definitions. Not that that would work for your example since it used an idiomatic expression, but it’s probably a good idea in general.

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