Should I wait for the WaniKani annual sale?

I have just finished levels 1-3 during the free trial period and would like to continue. However, I learned that there is an annual sale for the lifetime pass. I would like to purchase one of the plans now until then, but logically, it would make me save only 20 dollars on the lifetime pass. Should I just wait?


No, I think you should go for it. You never know how long it might take you to finish wanikani. The “just over a year” is extreme, in my opinion.
Once you get to level 60, there are still all the reviews to do. Wanikani is constantly updating and adding more content. If you’re a beginner with Japanese, it’s best to take WK slow while you study grammar etc.
When you buy the lifetime, it prorates the amount you pay to adjust to the amount of time you have left in whatever plan you were on before you switch, too. So it will essentially “refund” you the last few months of your annual subscription (if that is the one you’re going for) and discount the lifetime fee by that much.

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Hi @JustMeowww !

In my opinion, the answer to your question depends on how soon you want to access the rest of WaniKani and on the money you’re willing to spend on WaniKani.

If you want to buy into lifetime and are able to, then why not do so now? From the wording in your post—“…only 20 dollars…”—I assume the cost of lifetime as it is now does not pose much of a challenge for you.
At the same time, if you would like to do do a subscription plan for now until the sale drops, and save $20 in the process, then why not do that?

When I decided to buy lifetime, I did so because I knew it would keep me from feeling the pressure to make the most of a subscription that a limited-time plan would entail. Having lifetime lets me learn at my own pace, and not feel guilty if I need to step away from Japanese for several months because of work/school/etc.

I hope this helps, even if only a little bit.

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I waited. I joined in May or June of last year and waited until the annual sale before buying the lifetime. I was concerned that I might lose interest in learning Japanese and then I’d be on the hook for the Lifetime cost.
The first three levels are short and easy. I believe it’ll be better to stick with the monthly plan for the next few months to really get used to what kind of commitment learning through Wanikani requires.
Habits take a few months to develop and if you don’t develop the Wanikani habit, you’re out more than $20.


I do the annual plan, that works well enough, and isn’t too big of a spend having to do it only once a year. You also get the remaining price deducted from the lifetime sale price if you decide to go with that as well, so it works out either way.

Is deferring 5-6 months of study time really worth it? Depending on how you go about it studying Japanese is on the cheap side for a hobby. If you are experiencing financial hardship or happen to live in a country where USD is a nightmare contact the staff. I believe some other members have had luck after explaining their situation.

Also, I think it’s better to get deeper in before taking a hard commit like lifetime. A lot of people drop off for whatever reason, mostly in the earlier levels.

The annual pass is usually the best deal since you get the remainder credited towards the lifetime sale. So you pay less than the monthly from now until December, and then you can get the lifetime discount and a further discount of the months remaining on your annual sub.

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Alright team, thanks for your input! Based on what all of you have said, I have decided that the annual plan is best for me and then to get the lifetime :smile:


I was debating if I wanted Lifetime, because I was pretty fast in my first year. But it came to a grinding halt around level 30 and I slowed down big time. I’m really happy I got lifetime :slight_smile:

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If you message the team, you can get a 20% discount on a yearly membership while you wait for lifetime to come up.

That being said, it shouldn’t make a difference because wether you spend £50 or £90 a year now, the difference will be made up when it’s deducted from the lifetime price at Christmas. so maybe it’s not even worth doing.

It’s worth it if for whatever reason when Christmas rolls around you don’t get lifetime.

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