Almost done with lvl3!

Hello everyone!

So this is my first time posting here, though I’ve been reading the forum quite often!
I started learning Japanese about a month or so ago and I have to say I love WaniKani. I’ve also decided to buy the lifetime subscription.

However, since I bought Genki 1 and A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar (Still trying to find time to read them…sigh) , 300$ is kind of too much for me now, so I’m waiting for the new year’s discount! Hopefully after a couple of months, I’ll also buy Bunpro lifetime!

So my question is: Shall I wait for 10-15 days till the discount, mastering all the leftover Kanji I got, or should I buy the monthly subscription so I can move ahead and then buy lifetime?

Sorry if this is a silly question!
Thank you!


Hooray! :tada: and welcome to WaniKani :crabigator:

So, if you’ve decided to buy lifetime and you want the discount but can afford the monthly subscription now, there’s not a lot of point in twiddling your thumbs while you wait :slightly_smiling_face:

Any time left on your monthly subscription will result in a proportional discount when you buy lifetime. So you may as well buy a month now, because in (say) two weeks you can just buy lifetime and you’ll get an admittedly tiny discount for the two weeks you weren’t able to use.

Hope that makes sense D: and answers your question…

This will also mean you get a better idea of whether you really like it before you invest in such a big purchase ^^


Personally I didn’t subscribe until I had Guru’d all the kanji of level 3 so I had leveled up (it didn’t show though because no subscription). Then I subscribed (yearly for me) in November, knowing that if there was a sale around New Year I’d get a discount from what was still left of my subscription.

So my advice would be to not subscribe on even a monthly sub until you would actually level up, and depending on how close it is to New Year at that time, you can decide if you’ll do a monthly subscription or just wait. (The sale has mostly been confirmed, but obviously it could not happen. I think it will, but still important to remember.)


Thank you both for your answers!! :hugs:

I didn’t know that you get a discount even on monthly subscription! That is so nice of WaniKani!
And yes, I think I need 2-3 more days to finish lvl3. So, if I’m only a week away from a discount I may wait. More guru/master kanji means less reviews right? :smiley:

The only thing I regret is not starting Japanese 3 years ago when I was working from home… I had so much free time! Nowadays I do Wanikani and maybe go through Genki fast. I opened the Dictionary once and felt like this torrent of knowledge attack me, so it sits in a corner hehe!!

Thank you again!! Glad to be part of this amazing community!!

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Ah I see - you should definitely wait until you level up before buying anything :blush:

Yep! Only the lifetime subscription gets a sale, but if, say, you’d bought a yearly subscription in June, they’d use the remaining six months’ worth of subscription to contribute towards the cost when you upgraded to lifetime.

Hope you enjoy the ride :grin:


greetings, brother steliosv.

welcome to the cult of crabigatorism, also known as wanikani.
please prepare your firstborn for sacrifice. in case you didn’t make one yet, make sure to fill out the reservation form at the front desk. the priest at the information booth will help you.

all hail our overlord.


Hehe, thank you!! :smile:

Oh my!! What a warm welcome!
Let me totally sign this form!!
There! Done and done!
Glad to join! :rofl:


Remind me once you get to level 4 to say “Not anymore!”

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Not anymore!

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Heheheh!! :smiley:

Just wanted to say that I got the lifetime! Yay! :laughing:
Already went and did 53 lesssons and have 77 reviews for tomorrow! Yeah… :sob:


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