A is for Apple

Christmas is coming and for my very young nephew I have bought some hiragana blocks and an Anpanman book of hiragana, with pictures of things that begin with the kana.

I want to learn how to teach hiragana in a ‘A is for Apple, B is for book’ type way. How do japanese people do this? What should I say?


You can use one of these! They are either called あいうえおひょう or ひらがな表.

Here’s an example:
The general format for any letter is (word)の(letter).
The Japanese word for ant is あり and so it’s used for あ in the poster.
To say あ is for あり you would say「あり」の「あ」。

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Other variations:
Similar to the one above but some words have rendaku.

「もっとあいうえおひょう」This one fully focuses on rendaku and other fun combinations!

Edit: I realized afterwards that you already have teaching material so you don’t have to use the poster but you gotta admit it’s cute though :laughing: Also, to lessen confusion, I replaced the original poster (the one with the duck as あ) with the current one above because the duck one used rendaku words. Thanks for pointing this out @seanblue! Lastly, I apologize for the large picture size. I couldn’t figure out how to make them smaller without compromising on readability :sob:


Thanks for that. I’m very pleased that the first square is 「わに」の「わ」


Last square on that row. ^-^ Right to left.

Sorry, pedantic.

It’s a neat idea. And now I know the word for ladybug! XD


Isn’t it a little weird that the chart uses rendaku for the first character for some of the words? Like じてんしゃ for し.


Not really. It is just a modification.

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Oh nice catch! I’ll add another example that doesn’t do that for clarity.

These examples are fantastic! My daughter will start studying Japanese next year, and I bought her a similar poster, but I am tempted to put these up as well.

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I really like these ones as well because they’re super cute! :blush: You can also type in either あいうえおひょう or ひらがな表 into google and find hundreds of other examples too.

I’d say print out a bunch! The more the merrier! :laughing: And since the words can differ from poster to poster, it’ll be a good way to learn vocabulary as well as solidify hiragana.

Hope your daughter enjoys learning Japanese! :smile:


Thanks for the poster!
I especially like that they used 猫 for ね! :cat2:

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You’re welcome! :smile_cat: Also, they used a cat for にゃ in the third one :wink:

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