A Few Questions about 広がる

I have a couple of questions about this vocab, 広がる from level 10 ((edit: level 5)).

  1. Is this the word that would be associated with manspreading or the action equivalent in Japanese?
  2. Given the context example,

Sorry, my jeans won’t allow my legs to spread any further.”

does 広がる have sexual connotations?
4. Lastly, is this something you would hear during an arrest in Japan? Like how police in America say, “Spread your feet,” (if recently trained at least)?

That would be a transitive version, 広げる, if they did use it.

Not that important, but it’s from level 5.


Well, the Japanese Wikipedia article for manspreading is just called マンスプレッディング, and doesn’t use the kanji 広 anywhere in the article, so I’m leaning towards “not especially”.

P.S. 広がる is level 5. It only showed up at level 10 because you’re at level 10.


Well, like 99% of English word transposed in Japanese recently, they just katakanize it. So if you want to talk directly about manspreading, just use マンスプレッディング.

But yes, quickly looking at articles about it, it seems that manspreading can be defined using 広げる (the transitive version of 広がる) 「男性が脚を広げて座る行為」”The act of a man sitting and spreading his legs"

Edit: As Belthazar said, wikipedia doesn’t use 広げる, they use 開脚, 公開, and 開く, so it’s not like 広げる is very strongly associated to it like the english “spread”.


I’d probably freak out if someone yelled 足を広げ! at me.

And I’m sure 足を広げてください has an entirely different connotation. :joy:


and @Belthazar Can I get a crash course about how Wanikani works when it comes to vocab? Specifically, why I am only just now seeing a level 5 word at level 10?? I haven’t reviewed 広 in ages, so I can’t imagine that it has to do with getting that to certain benchmark.

Also thank you everyone for explaining it would be 広げる !

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They just added the vocab item the other day, so everyone over level 5 had it just pop in. That happens now and then.


As someone who pretty much reads BL manga all the time…

I pretty much encounter 広げる to 足 or 尻穴 so yeah, it can be used in a sexual context.


Thanks, good to know :slight_smile:

@ren_grantz Thank you!!

ah… a cultured user i see


By now and then, he means the last time vocab was added was on Oct 4, 2019. They’re usually pretty rare events as far as I know.


Well, that was then. This is now.


At work and I did not need parts of that sentence poping up while the other teachers walked behind me…

Not shunning or anything just surpised.

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