900 Enlightened, still no Burned... RIP me


Not even complaining, this wait is just killing me lol. 900 damn Enlightened, and not a single Burned yet. Been on WaniKani since June 22, aaaaaargh!


I don’t think I got a burn until level 27-31. Also, only within the last month did my # burned surpass # enlightened (now 2900 burn to 2600 enlighten). Just keep truckin’.


2 months left for me and yeah…


If I remember correctly, it takes about 6 months for an item to get to burn review. When I started burning items, I had about 1500 enlightened… You just have to wait.


Yup, you still have a couple of months before your first burns. I got my first burns during mid-20 levels. And I’m kinda sorta going full speed (but not really).

Be patient, there’s no hurry. Enjoy not having to review those 900 items… for now.


11 days to go for me till the true test begins…eeek.


Damn, you’re going pretty well! 2200 enlightened :clap::clap::clap:

21 days left for my first burns :slight_smile:


How is that even possible? I’m currently at lvl 9 and just recently got my first burns!


You’re taking WK slower than them, so they just progressed further throughout the first 6 months. :grinning:


Someday our prince will come…


What API are you using to get your dashboard to look like that? It’s great!


This script :slight_smile:


I’m at 820 and my first burn opportunity is early January. I started in August.


Getting my first burns tomorrow with 1424 Enlightened currently. Looking forward to burning them turtles for the Crabigator!