365 day streak (+ cake to celebrate!)

Hey guys! Despite using WaniKani for a full year I was always a little too shy to comment let alone post on here, but I figured today makes for a nice occasion to break that habit :slight_smile:
Today marks a full year since I signed up for WaniKani and I have been studying every day since. Seeing how med school and work already take up a lot of my time, I am kinda proud of myself for making it this far, and as an avid baker I had to make some cake for my family and I to celebrate:

I didn’t have time to take better pictures because everyone was waiting to start eating :grin: The filling is rose-and-cherry-flavored jam and whipped cream.

Here is my progress so far:

I want to say thanks to everyone for sharing so many useful tips on here! The forum has definitely helped to keep me motivated and look for other resources to learn Japanese. During this year I introduced my best friend to WaniKani and we signed up for a free language course at our university. Here are the Christmas cookies we made for our Japanese teacher:

Hope to be more active on here in the future! Good luck to everyone in their future studies and feel free to show off any cakes you have pictures of! :yum: :heart_eyes:


Didn’t even wait 9 months to finally upload the pictures about the cake and you call that dedication, smh.

Congratulations btw, I couldn’t keep my streak if my life depended on it, so that’s a big achievement :joy:


You absolutely should be proud of yourself for keeping the year long streak while in med school!
And your baked goods look absolutely delicious :cupcake:

All the best!


Wow congrats best friend!!! So proud


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You’re right, I should have waited longer to peak interest :joy:

Thanks so much!

Thank you!

Geez, two stories of full-year streaks in as many days.

I can only dream!


Now take up extreme sports or become a roofer so I have a fighting chance of catching up…


Congratulations! That’s some fine work, while in med school to boot?! My Asian mother will never hear about this, as I doubt I’d hear the end of it :joy:. Joking aside, keep it up! Seeing that streak is some lovely positive feedback.

And once again, I’ve commented right after you, haha.


So I assume you decided right from the start to do two levels per month, and you stuck with your initial strategy for an entire year. That’s pretty damn impressive. I have a tendency of changing up my plans over and over again, because I always question myself “is this really the number 1 way to do it?” But sometimes it really is better to just stick with the plan you came up with at the outset.

Keep it up! You’re gonna be celebrating a 912 day streak by the time you complete level 60 :wink:


Congrats! That cake must have been so satisfying. :wink:


I actually changed it around quite alot! At first I just tried to do as many lessons as possible but the reviews piled up so quickly that I couldn’t keep up. I also had to lower my speed in the summer because of our national exams and I have only recently found a nice pace that works for me. I guess that somehow resulted in doing two levels a month!
Usually when I pick up a new hobby I drop it after a few weeks when I lose interest, so this is pretty new. Thank you for the kind words! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Congratulations! Great job studying every day. Even more impressive considering you’re in med school. Keep up the good work!
(Great cake too, now I want some!)

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WOW thats a big accomplishment :tada::confetti_ball: u inspired me to keep going with my wani kani journey.
THANK YOU :purple_heart: for sharing ur 365days streak celebration with us ! The cake looks delicious :yum:

I’m PROUD of You. Medical studies,work plus learning extra language, that’s a commitment.
Also ur a pro at baking.
Hats off

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Wait!! you mean i don’t need to wait until lvl 60 to eat my next cake!!


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to me, this is a perfect representation of what the WaniKani journey should look like :grin: :

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Thank you!

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Congrats, it’s an amazing achievement!
I couldn’t keep my streak going I keep getting on and off WaniKani :see_no_evil: I’m learning Japanese while doing a PhD so I know what you mean by this being a huge achievement while doing med school! So proud of you :sparkles:

On a side note… How do you get this amazing summary of everything you’ve done on WaniKani? :eyes::pleading_face:

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Thank you!
Its a userscript called WaniKani Heatmap. Here is the general guide on how to install userscripts :slight_smile:


Thank you so much, I’ll try it out! :sparkles:

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