Finally beat the first 10 levels..... in one year

I’m thrilled to finally get to level 11 in just under a year. It’s a pretty slow pace. Last year I did a lot of business travel and had some major personal events that kept me from WK, and since I never used vacation mode (I would always convince myself that I would do WK reviews despite being busy) I would become daunted by 500+ reviews and procrastinate.

So far this year I’ve been more focused and have gotten past level 9 and 10 at a reasonable pace. Here’s my level progress graph:

And here’s the graph with the three biggest offenders cancelled out:

This year my goal is to maintain a ~14 day/level pace which would having me beat Level 60 at the beginning of 2020. So far so good, I will work hard to maintain it!



Well done! I seem to be maintaining a pace of two levels a month, it would be higher than that if consistent but like you say life just likes to slap you around the face sometimes and demand your attention else where.

Cheers to a slow yet steady pace and well done! Keep on keeping on! :blush:



It’s hard to keep putting one step in front of the other. Keep doing it!!

Comic by Sarah Andersen


Looks like you took the term “team taking it slow” a bit too serious :smiley:

Good Luck in your future studies^^


That comic is super cute :o thx for sharing


Congratulations ilovefrootloops


Congrats! here’s to faster levels this year.
Here’s my graph, had a few rough spots myself, but I’m sticking to it :>


You’ve got a ton of really short level progressions in there, really impressive!
I gotta ask about level 25 though, if you don’t mind me asking.

It was a combination of holidays, and moving. And then the huge review queue because I didn’t use vacation mode (oops)

I didn’t do any level 25 lessons until my review queue was completely empty

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You think that’s bad? Here’s mine

I stopped using WaniKani for about a year before I ended up resetting, the stats site apparently has trouble handling resets :sweat_smile:


I haven’t gotten very far this year, either. :smiley:


FYI that little dip is when I reset my level back a couple weeks ago.


Fancy Chart?! Is that on the stats website somewhere I don’t know about?

Here you go.
It doesn’t backtrack data, it only starts on the day you set it up.

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Go you! I’m 18 months in and only on level 7…


Don’t worry! I’ve been here a few days over 2 years and I’m not moving that fast either :stuck_out_tongue: It’s great that you’re moving forward with motivation!

Life happens



Great job! This makes me feel so much better too, to see someone going the same pace as me. I’ve been feeling so discouraged because I’m only level 14 after more than a year (I’m going to reset a couple of levels too). And it feels like everyone is leveling up so fast and I’m failing. So I am so glad to see this thread!


Yeah, the API does not allow you to backtrack. In fact, I don’t even think the servers store enough historical data to generate the graphs from day 1 for all accounts, and that’s if they store this particular data at all.

I might reset to level 1 just so I can hold out a graph like that :thinking:.

@jprspereira, performance tracking overload? :joy: