Monthly Check In/Progress

Hello everyone! I just wanted to celebrate a little with some like-minded folx. :smiley:

Today marks one month of wanikani for me. I picked it up as something more productive to do during the moments between other things that I would normally fill with scrolling social media. Feeling pretty happy with it so far. Here’s so stats so far:

My Japanese is somewhat spotty but I first started studying Japanese back in college (one of my majors was Asian Studies with a focus on Japan) in 2003 :scream: I also did the JET program after college and have spent some intermittent time in Japan since. Back in the day, I tested 3kyu in the JLPT but I would never say I was fluent in Japanese. I haven’t seriously studied in a long time but was always thinking about picking it up again.

My kanji has always been my weakest point, so I’m happy to be working on it. My grammar isn’t super strong, so I might start studying that a little later this year when I have more time (currently I’m working about 60 hours a week and I do a weekly podcast which amounts to about 5-10 hours of additional non-paid work per week). I’m also slowly reading my way through しろくまカフェ Vol. 1.

I think for the next 5 weeks (this will be the sustained 60 hours work/week time) I might actually drop my pace a bit but I’m looking forward to continuing this journey!


What’s it about? Have fun getting back into Japanese!


I co-host and produce a podcast about race, gender, and pop culture from a mixed race perspective. It’s kinda a niche thing. :wink:

Thanks! I’m enjoying it a lot so far.


We started WaniKani on the same day! I am taking it at a little slower pace, it’s my first time learning Kanji / Japanese so my accuracy is definitely not on par compared to yours. I still enjoy just comparing our statistics :muscle:

I hope you will be able to find a good pace for you, especially with work and the podcast going. I usually work ~40 hours per week but due to the lockdown in my home country I’m only working about ~12-15, we’ll see how fast I’m back on full time. I guess I have to start thinking about when to study during work soon, lockdown won’t be forever.

I wish you a lot of success with the next levels, maybe I’ll be able to catch up to you!


Happy one month of WaniKani to you too…

I would love to see your stats. I feel like my accuracy is mostly due to already knowing a lot of words and kanji, it’s definitely much lower for new items.:slight_smile:

Keep up the good work!

This actually really motivated me to press on to level 5 before posting :joy:

Here are my stats from today, as you can see my accuracy is alright in meaning but weak in reading. I am now supplementing with KaniWani and KameSame to help me get the accuracy up.

level up
I had a pipe break in my apartment and level 3 got affected the most but in all honesty, I can’t complain with the overall progress!

My daily review streak is still going :muscle:

I’m happy to have caught up a little and I hope you’re also progressing nicely! I think that if I work on the Reading accuracy I’ll be fine in the long run. Maaaybe I can catch up to you :laughing:


Love this @sushi-fish - pretty impressive that you were able to keep up your streak even with a pipe bursting.

I’ve definitely slowed down a bit, realizing I need to keep my apprentice numbers between 100-120 in order to be able to clear my reviews.

Let’s plan on sharing our stats again on our 2 month-iversary!

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I’m looking forward to see how far you have come along!!

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Likewise! I’m scheduled to level up on Monday night, so I might drag my feet on posting my stats until after that :wink:

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Alright! Two months in (plus an extra day because in my vanity I wanted to wait until I leveled up).

I’m pleased that my accuracy is going up (lot of dumb typos early on…still some here and there but mostly it’s looking for accurate now, I’m not always great about remembering rendaku on vocabulary).

The next couple weeks are going to be really busy with work things but then I have a full week off from one of my two jobs at the end of the month and I’m hoping to get back to some reading and other study but for now it’s just wanikani when I have time and some light listening practice.

How are you doing, @sushi-fish? (or anyone else two months in that wants to share their stats with us!)

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Wohoo, can’t believe we are already two months in!
Congratulations for making it to level 10 @danarchy - your leveling up times are super consistent!

I hope that you make some progress even with being busy at work, a week off from at least one job sounds nice!

I just got home from work myself, here are my current stats:


I started doing KameSame as additional learning resource but what really helped me get up my accuracy was BishBashBosh
I use it after every review and it really helps me with the words I fail more often.

Overall I can’t complain with my progress. I’ve been busy thanks to my fulltime job but it’s not stopping me from doing reviews in my coffee and lunch break :joy:

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And I’m taking it even slower, I’m here since December 31st xD


Where are you getting that daily chart from?

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I also started wanikani taking it at a snails pace and it took me around 6 and a half months just to get to level 10 while its taking them only about 2 months to get there but honestly I find it encouraging that people are out here getting through wanikani this fast. I only got into a rhythm and started figuring out how to get through levels without taking a really long amount of time recently. Cause instead of 6.5 months to get from level 1-10 its only taken me 4.5 months to get from there to level 21 which is still a lot of time but I only really got into this rhythm of taking only a little over a week to complete each level within the past 4-5 levels. Basically, all this to say I love the individuality that everyone has while going through wanikani. Just figured I’d share my own story here cause it was fun to see their progress after just a couple months.


That’s perfectly fine! Keep going at your own pace. Being consistent and steady is more important then going fast.

That is the heatmap script, I highly recommend it. Other scripts I use are the ultimate timeline to keep track of my reviews and the workload graph to show me the review history.

That’s exactly it, I just am a fan of comparing stats - it’s not necessarily about being super fast for me personally - though I do have to say that this thread helped me greatly with motivation.
I think your story is very inspiring, making it from 6.5 months to 4.5 is great. Everyone has their own rhythm and you found yours!

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Oh yhe, I know. I have no problem with that at all, it was just a kinda funny funny remark :stuck_out_tongue: I’m perfectly okay with my pace as of now, mainly because of uni taking a lot of time.

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Awesome work @sushi-fish, you seem to really be finding your pace. Doing wanikani during lunch and coffee breaks is perfect! I’m still working from home, so it’s easy to squeeze in when I need a break from other things :wink:

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I love your story! Thanks for sharing. I think I’m mostly only keeping this pace from the beginning because most of the kanji are not entirely new to me - many of them I already know or knew at one point. The vocabulary is more of a mix, but there’s plenty of words I know and some that I know the meaning from (but not the reading of) from living in Japan and being exposed to them regularly. I’m forever impressed with people working through wanikani with less background in Japanese. I’m also just really interested in seeing the wide range of experiences of people working through wanikani.

Yes! Me too! I probably would be leveling up to Level 10 tonight instead of yesterday, but knowing I was going to be sharing stats with you motivated me to go for it and get it done a little earlier. :slight_smile:

Especially with uni! It’s hard to break up studying with more studying - way to stick with it!

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I just started working again after a lockdown break with a lot of home office, but it’s not bad - my cowoerkers are actually encouraging me and reminding me to do the reviews so that’s nice :joy:
I’m glad to hear you are able to squeeze in your reviews :+1:

I can only say this: I’m looking forward to see your stats again next month and compare them again!

Ok, figured out the scripts, here’s my progres after 2 months, only missed couple day when I was not at home:

It’s been slow progress and reading is definitely giving me trouble. Main issue I find is that even if I remember the mnemonic, I then need to figure out whether it references how the hint word is written or spoken. If it is the latter, then there is the trouble of figuring out how it is said in english accent and then figure out how to translate that into hiragana.

My native language does not have the same problem as English where characters are pronounced differently depending on context, rather it is very similar to Japanese. So instead I’ve been trying to make my own mnemonics in for each kanji that I struggle with.

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