Could we have "close" option instead of just pass and fail?

It is SOOO immensely frustrating to have an item knocked down two levels because of a minor misspelling. especially when i’m getting that misspelling from the mnemonic. For example hazureru to be disconnected, when the mnemonic uses the word “haze” a word which could be transferred directly to hiragana. especially since I have a hard time spelling things correctly in my own native language of English. It would be nice to have it pop up so if i got something wrong by a vowel sound or a missing rendaku that i could make a minor change, instead of a little mistake blocking my progress for days making me want to rage quit. Like if it’s full wrong i get it, but one letter off? Come on! maybe if i only knocked it down one level even, or just did’t move up a level that would still be fine.

It’s in the FAQ:

What if I made a typo but really did know the answer, I swear!

For English meanings, there is some leeway for your answer to be off from the correct one. This is because we figure that you know English pretty well, so we shouldn’t test you for accuracy on English. All we need to know is that you knew the meaning of the word. But, for reading (written in kana) answers, the responses must be 100% correct. You have to prove that you know the Japanese side, because the Crabigator doesn’t know if you do or don’t know this.

So, you must show, without a shadow of a doubt, that you knew the reading. It’s so easy for people to lie to themselves and say, “Oh, I knew that!” That’s just human nature. The Crabigator does its best to put a stop to human nature, even if it causes said humans a little bit of pain. Without this pain, you probably aren’t learning anything, anyways.

So, concentrate. Be careful! Check your answer before submitting.


It was stated pretty well above, but it really does matter more for Japanese. はぜれる is a completely different word. While you’re frustrated with the situation, close doesn’t really cut it in these circumstances, unfortunately.

So, just keep at it! Thankfully these vocab aren’t going to hold you back from leveling up, so it shouldn’t be too big of a deal. Worst case scenario is that you get extra practice :slight_smile:


gotta check the faq again first yeah still kills me though.

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I installed the Ignore script so as to avoid being penalised for mere typos. The trick is in having the dicipline not to use it for legitimate errors.


This particular scenario was no small part of my decision to upgrade to lifetime. Now, if I get something wrong, I just think of it as a chance to spend more time with it on the SRS, rather than trying to rush and fit more content into my limited subscription.

Stuff’s way more chill now. It still kills me a little when I fail to burn something for the second time, for example, but if you’re not worried about time, what’s an extra 3 reviews for a typo? Just more practice.


That’s the struggle. Being ‘close’ is still being wrong. It’s so tempting to go ‘no no no, I knew that, really…’ From WK’s perspective, allowing people to ‘cheat’ defeats the entire purpose. Totally understandable it’s not a built in feature.
But, that said, I do use the script myself. But, if you have weak self control, stay away. The tempt is real.


I try to use it only when I legitimately say it correctly in my head even as my fingers are typing it wrong. So it’s not so much that “I knew that, really”, but more that I actually do know it, and the mistake is purely an I/O error.


The override script for the browser that Belthazar linked above and the Android app’s built-in override are very helpful for these situations.

Other than typos, I tend to only override for English meanings that I haven’t added as synonyms. I usually accept alternative parts of speech for the correct answers (e.g., for the kanji 禁 “prohibition”, I’d tolerate “prohibit”) and occasionally allow unlisted synonyms of the correct answers if they are close enough and the SRS level of the item is low.

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Thanks for the info i’ll be sure to implement that for the future. I feel like if i know what i did wrong without looking at the right anwser then its ok. My goal is to get to level fourty by the end of the year, and be able to read and understand spoken japanese. Im trying to follow the advice and wait till level 5 before i jump into other learning resources.

I’d be careful with this - if you only realise you got it wrong because you were told it was wrong, even if you then remember the right answer without looking, you still fundamentally got it wrong. You wouldn’t get that kind of feedback if you were reading something out in the wild!


That’s the thing. By getting it wrong you have ruled out one possible answer, which is sometimes enough to reach the right answer because you couldn’t decide between two possibilities.


I know I most need it when I’m reviewing at less than optimal times during the day and my brain isn’t working properly. It does feel like an excuse, but I can tell the difference between the me struggling to stay awake and the me that got rest before reviews.

But then again, I mostly used the ignore script to get me back to where I was and I’ll be using it less for that and more for legitimate typos more now that I’ve reached my problem area.

Failing to burn 女 because I accidentally ended up inputting おんあ confirmed my choice to use the ignore script. Unfortunately, I review so quickly sometimes I pass to the next word before I get the chance to hit Ignore. :rofl:


While I agree it’s massively frustrating. The fact of the matter is, it doesn’t really slow you down. All it means is that in one of your upcoming review sessions, you’ll have one extra character to answer for. And if you know it, then it’s no big deal. You only lose a few seconds of your time.

The only negative is your actual feeling of frustration, but that’s just something you have to learn to deal with.

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Aye, I absolutely kicked myself when I did a review while half asleep, and six times made a stupid typo then double-tapped enter before my brain caught up with what I was doing. Delayed my level up for want of a single kanji short of 90%…


Why would you do that to yourself?
I mean, you can use Ignore script for typos, but anything that you “almost knew” but didn’t should be reviewed again.
The “game” aspect of WK helps to keep the interest in it and coming back, but don’t forget that you’re actually here to learn, not to pass the game, so don’t fool yourself.
You’re still on an early level, so it’s normal for you to take some time to figure things out. If a mnemonic doesn’t work for you, make your own, or look for others (you can google them, I’m sure a lot of people outside of WK are using mnemonics), or you can also ask on the forums if someone has a better one.
You can do it! :smile:

I just discovered that there is a script for delaying progression by 2 seconds after wrong answers. I can’t wait for my next review to utilize this! :rofl: No more blitz typo problems!

@PrawnofVictory Others have said it already, but many of the “minor” changes, like rendaku, are critically important to have sent back if you get them wrong. While they may seem minor, and sometimes are immediately distinguishable by natives (Examples being 崎 さき and 島 しま that are sometimes ざき and じま in names but sometimes not), many times it can be very problematic.

A reverse example is the emphasis English teachers have to push onto Japanese students on pronouncing words with the “see” sound. While saying “Sheattle” instead of “Seattle” is fine, if they lead the normal “Stand, Bow, Sit” command in English, you can imagine how that would go. :rofl:
There are actually some very consistent patterns behind rendaku, so look for those in your studies. :slightly_smiling_face:

If the mnemonics mess you up, I recommend checking into the Community Mnemonics script. To my memory, you can write your own in. As a native English speaker, some of the word choices in the mnemonics mess me up either because of spelling or pronunciation differences.


Can I first just say, gosh i love the community here. Knowing that there are all these people to talk with, really makes me feel supported, from the words of both understanding and encouragement. I did find the phone app which will be helpful for doing reviews when days get busy, and i do plan on installing the similar feature for desktop for simple typos. No giving up now!


:sparkles::crabigator: You can do it! :crabigator::sparkles:

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