Sometimes it's just not your day

So for some reason my answer came out in Katakana which I only realised after quickly hitting enter. I’m not sure how it happened either since Caps Lock wasn’t on and nothing was pressing on the shift keys. Oh well.

Earlier today I lost my chance to move 男 into Enlightened, because I typed its meaning out as “mann”. Just so used to doing that double n. Somedays you just can’t upgrade a kanji.


If you trusts yourself to use it responsibly, try the Override Script! I make similar mistakes all the time because I’m inattentive/impatient/stupid and then it comes in handy to save my mood :speak_no_evil:


This happens on my cell phone if I don’t use the Japanese keyboard. Not sure why it happened on your computer. It’s frustrating. I’ve debated using the script avalia mentions, but worried I might abuse it.


Been here done that. For PC I use the override script that avalia was talking about. As long as you don’t use it improperly it can really save you sometimes on missing a question you really knew but just entered incorrectly.

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Thanks everyone for the responses. I have been holding off on the Override script in the past, just to prevent me from ever even taking advantage of it. I suppose I could give it a try though, but I think if I also slow down a moment and pay attention then I’ll be all right too.

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If you’re using the Windows IME, your input might have been converted to katakana because ヒョウ is a common word that means “leopard”. If you’re sure that caps or shift weren’t pressed, it’s the only logical explanation. I gotta admit, I had many mishaps on mobile due to my keyboard’s auto-capitalization of the first word in the textbox but otherwise I’m not sure what it could be.

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