1000+ Kanji Backlog Finished!

Being a busy person, I had let a few Kanji Lessons slip by me from time to time. But that one day missed became a whole month, and soon enough I had a ghastly 900+ Kanji waiting for me

However, I persevered and wasn’t about to let the Crabigator defeat me.

I think it took me about a month or so to get the will power, but I finally got my reviews down to 0. Honestly, I’m surprised I did it, I was really on the verge of just resetting.

hopefully I won’t fail again and will keep my streak going, but I thought I’d share my little victories with anyone who is going through something similar





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Congrats! Hopefully I can get through my back-log, not as big as yours but still stresses me out tbh.


Congrats @E6han san :tada: Wonderful dedication.

Out of curiosity, how do you pronounce your username?


haha, it’s E6 Han

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The trick for me was to do it in burst. I would have never gotten it down going all at once past like the number 200 or so and it’s draining, especially when you know the words but are just trying to get the reviews over with.

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You can’t trick me, Ethan. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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My strategy when I get behind is to just do enough every day that my 7am hour (when I typically do my first review session of the day) count for tomorrow will be lower than today today’s 7am hour count. e.g. tread water and slowly work the pile down.

Makes it seem more manageable that way.

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