100000 Reviews, yay!


@doutatsu , also a higher % doesn’t correlate to more language knowledge :stuck_out_tongue: I might be the dumbest of the three :joy:

Hum… What do you get more frequently wrong? Readings or meanings? Do you feel that something in vocab learning is harder than usual?

I just make sure to always respect the 4h/8h intervals and I don’t leave lessons without knowing 100% of the vocab. Sometimes when I finish the lessons, I’ll leave the summary page open and review it after 5 to 10 minutes. I always find a word or two that I had already forgotten (100% my future leeches), so I get to review them again and that extra time helps a lot.



Where do you find these accuracy report?



As long as you maintain a accuracy around 90 to 97%, you’re doing very well. Getting close to 100% or 100% is actually not a good thing :slight_smile: It means that you’re able to learn more and that you’re not pushing yourself enough.


Don’t think I hit those numbers. When there are a lot of vocab in a review, I probably hit between 87-92% or something. When its mostly kanji I get 95-100% usually


You need your API key that you can find in here.

Then, insert your API key in this website.


Vocab, mainly just meaning. The others are mostly stuff I relearn quickly, so that’s not the issue. Finding out what the words mean is something I have to create mnemonics for. And even then, I have to go over them several times.

Maybe I’ll try that someday. More often I just wait until the four hours before reviewing the lesson. I’ll admit, that’s more laziness than a studying tip, but most of the time that works fine. It’s just vocab that ends up really sticking annoyingly. Ah well.


Well, if you know you’re gonna hate the name as soon as you do the lesson, you can just visit the item page to add a synonym immediately.

I agree, but sometimes I try to stick with one I know is gonna be a bit dubious because if I can get it then the mnemonics will stick better, and sometimes I just get them wrong through rushing and/or being an idiot.


I’m happy with this!


I’ll enjoy my Pleasant level stats while they last… :sweat_smile:




Only one billion more reviews until I become a full-fledged sage!


Wooah Tama, your Kanji reviews go better than the radical ones?? Badass


Pretty happy that my accuracy’s started climbing since doing the 8d/level



My accuracy was a bit higher before burnout, but I’m moving a lot faster now. A drop of <1% is okay by me.


Haha, I did not notice that. That is pretty funny. I like kanji a lot and also put the most time by far into memorizing them so I guess that makes sense. I only spend like 5 seconds on new radicals. What were you doing before 8 day levels out of curiosity?? Longer spans or shorter?? Also, your accuracy already looks pretty solid to me. Some people are crazy accurate though. They will get like 99+% accuracy…


I was being really lazy and doing 15+ days for each level (but they were free, so…). Kinda forgetting a bit in the middle


Interestingly enough, I’m the same. Anything below 96% on a review now is “bad”, but back during my ~14 day level up times I just shot for over 90.



I understand my low accuracy gives me more reviews but this much more?!


I still have a long way to go :sweat_smile:


We all do

Im curious how many reviews some of the people that have been level 60 for a while are at, especially the ones that averaged sub 90 acc.


I actually feel a little better seeing people with higher accuracy than me. I’ve been afraid that I’m abusing the ignore script so I’ve seriously cut down on my usage of it except for genuine misspellings.


What does that mean? That you stopped cheating yourself? Haha :sweat_smile:

As for myself, Im not even using the statistics site anymore, as It’s just gonna make me feel bad and will probably demotivate me to the level of giving up.

Not so much in my accuracy but in time spent on levels recently, I’m always bashing myself for getting a bit inconsistent and for my brain forgetting things I should know by now. I’m trying not to think about it and just push through, but you can’t help feeling bad about it.

My accuracy was over 90% on everything when I last checked but It’s probably worse now.